Monday, November 5, 2007

War is Heck

Since I expect my most recent Sock Wars target to be killed today, I've been trying to track down some ammo for a new target. This is why banging my head against a wall sounds like more fun than doing any more of it. This is what my section of the list looks like:

  • My new assassin: Her assassin made noises about a week ago indicating that my new assassin was going to die soon. My new assassin has posted nothing in a couple of weeks. Is she alive? Is she about to kill me?
  • 3 dead people: what there are between my original assassin and my new assassin. Any or none of them may have the ammo required to kill me.
  • My original assassin: dead over a week. Has she sent her ammo to someone?
  • Me.
  • My first target, dead.
  • My second target, dead.
  • Second target's target, dead.
  • My third target, probably dead as I type this.
  • 3 more dead people.
  • A dying person, who was waiting for ammo. (see below)
  • 2 more dead people.
  • A dead person who was waiting for the ammo to send to the dying person (see above)
  • A dead person. (This is where the ammo turned out to be.)
  • A dead person who may or may not have the ammo that I need.
  • A live person who may really be dead and may have the ammo I need.

I'm going to take some asprin.

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