Friday, November 29, 2013

A mile a month

According to Knitmeter, I've knit about a mile every month so far this year. Here's the stuff I finally got around to get pictures of.
Celestarium shawl
Dragonfire scarf/shawl (a bit big for the teddy, but works well on a human)
Hat whose name I've forgotten already, knit with yummy silk/merino blend yarn.
Hat knit with the yak/bamboo yarn.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Yak in the mail

My mailbox was literally overstuffed with goodies today. The letter carrier could barely wedge the last box in. I was expecting the brown yarn from a trade and the two doll kits. The surprise was the Yarnbox. It contained two skeins of yak down/bamboo blend yarn. I've thought about trying it but thought it might be too expensive to play with. Now I've got some and it wasn't expensive at all. The Yarnbox also came with a packet of Soak and a link to two shawl patterns. I think I'll go check them out.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doctor Who 50 Project

It's done, with two days to go. The goal was to complete one Who-themed project for each Doctor in the year before 11/23/13.
  1. Flesh and Stone socks using Who-themed mini skeins.
  2. Tardis mitts
  3. Dalek shawl
  4. Bigger on the Inside shawl
  5. Bowties are Cool mittens
  6. Insulate! hat
  7. Show Me the Stars socks
  8. Tardis Afghan (started in 2012 but finished this year)
  9. Socks using Medusa Cascade colorway
  10. Reverse Polarity socks using Vincent and the Doctor colorway
  11. Silence socks
  12. Dalekanium socks (not pictured)

Monday, November 18, 2013

UILI 2013 done

I met my goal and plan to do this again next year. Here's what got used and when it first appeared in my stash:
  1. Knit Picks Dancing 10/2007. Made into Dancing Dalekaium socks.
  2. Schmutzeralla Yarns Dude 10/2012, Sheepy Time Knits Sheepy Feet 11/2011. Made into Water for the Elephants socks.
  3. Knitters Brewing Company Sock-aholic 11/2010. Made into Striation socks.
  4. Regia Color 5/2008. Made into Romy's Two in One socks.
  5. Noro Kureyon Sock 1/2009. Made into TGV shawl.
  6. Yarn Pirate merino sock 2/2008. Made into Anastasia socks.
  7. Hand dyed sock yarn received in a swap 10/2007. Made into Drip Drip Drop socks.
  8. Claudia Handpaints 10/2007. Made into Sake socks.
  9. Belfast Mini-Mills sock 8/2008. Made into Delius shawl.
  10. Yarntini semi-solid sock 3/2010. Made into Little Deschutes socks.
  11. Rio de la Plata sock 2/2009. Made into Swamp Thing socks.
  12. Zitron Lifestyle 6/2008. Made into Metopsilus porcellus socks.
Sold/Traded in 2013: Knit Picks Felici 10/2012, Online supersock (4 balls) 4/2012, Brown Sheep handpaints 11/2010, Crystal Palace Panda 4/2008, plus two more pair of sock yarns in a pending trade

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Use it or Lose it update

I enjoy getting all involved in a long-term series of projects. More often than not, they fizzle out. This sort-of happened with my UILI project. I neglected to post my completed work to the forum in a timely manner. I did keep up with using up yarn and selling it. My original goal was to use or lose one yarn per month this year. I've done more than that. My new goal is to use one yarn per month. I only need to do one pair of socks to meet the goal. It'll have a bonus of me using a pattern from a book I had to have and haven't used yet. Now where would I have stashed that yarn 5 years ago?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Triple Sock Score

These socks gave me credit in three different projects.

  • Woman in Black socks aka Bonus Pair #1 in the Super Sock Scarefest. The weeping gargoyle is crying because they took for-ev-er to finish. I decided not to do any more of the SSS socks for the moment.
  • WIP completed for the Op-Art Socks group. They're having a few little projects before the KAL starts in January.
  • My Doctor Who 50th anniversary project. The colorway of the yarn is Medusa Cascade.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I just happened upon this and wanted to share:
Gift-A-Long is a multi-designer promotion to help you kick your holiday gift-making into high gear. From Nov 1-15 patterns on the Gift-A-Long boards are 25% off the coupon code “giftalong” at check-out of your Ravelry shopping cart. Patterns are PDF downloads on Ravelry, where you can post your projects, chat with crafters, designers, and win prizes in the Gift-A-Long KAL/CAL. The discount runs from Nov 1-15, the KAL/CALs will continue until Dec 31. GAL is an Independent designer promotion.
You can find them in the Indie Design Gift-a-Long on Ravelry. They can also be seen on Pinterest.

ETA:Be careful if you buy these in the middle of the night. The credit card associated with my PayPal account decided that a bunch of little purchases looked fraudulent. I'm still clearing up the little mess that caused.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yarn in the mail

The first of my late night purchases arrived. This is the Noro Taiyo Lace:
The colorway makes me think of purple pansies. I want to drop everything and cast on the scarf, but I won't. Next in the queue is finishing up a single pair of socks that are required for three different projects.

The yarn for the Southern Skies arrived in the same shipment. The beads came yesterday. I'd call them close enough in color rather than a perfect match.

I've got one more round to do on the Celestarium shawl and then the edging. Then I will finish that sock. Really, I'll finish the sock and then maybe cast on the scarf that uses the Noro. Well, maybe in that order...