Monday, November 18, 2013

UILI 2013 done

I met my goal and plan to do this again next year. Here's what got used and when it first appeared in my stash:
  1. Knit Picks Dancing 10/2007. Made into Dancing Dalekaium socks.
  2. Schmutzeralla Yarns Dude 10/2012, Sheepy Time Knits Sheepy Feet 11/2011. Made into Water for the Elephants socks.
  3. Knitters Brewing Company Sock-aholic 11/2010. Made into Striation socks.
  4. Regia Color 5/2008. Made into Romy's Two in One socks.
  5. Noro Kureyon Sock 1/2009. Made into TGV shawl.
  6. Yarn Pirate merino sock 2/2008. Made into Anastasia socks.
  7. Hand dyed sock yarn received in a swap 10/2007. Made into Drip Drip Drop socks.
  8. Claudia Handpaints 10/2007. Made into Sake socks.
  9. Belfast Mini-Mills sock 8/2008. Made into Delius shawl.
  10. Yarntini semi-solid sock 3/2010. Made into Little Deschutes socks.
  11. Rio de la Plata sock 2/2009. Made into Swamp Thing socks.
  12. Zitron Lifestyle 6/2008. Made into Metopsilus porcellus socks.
Sold/Traded in 2013: Knit Picks Felici 10/2012, Online supersock (4 balls) 4/2012, Brown Sheep handpaints 11/2010, Crystal Palace Panda 4/2008, plus two more pair of sock yarns in a pending trade

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