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Think Pink

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I like pink yarn. The color makes me happy for some reason, especially if it has bits of other colors in it. Maybe it reminds me of my favorite ice cream, peppermint stick.

I like wool/silk blend sock yarns. They feel nice sliding through my fingers as I knit.

I like buying yarn when it benefits charity.

If you like these things, too, head for The Unique Sheep and get some of your own. The yarn in the picture is the colorway Hope in the 25% silk/75% superwash merino Luxe. They've got another pink color and other weights and yarn types, too. Half of the sales of those colors are donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Study in Self Control

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Self control? On what planet would that be a picture of self control?? There must be $200 worth of yarn there! And you bought all the sock yarn? Are you insane??

Well, yes and no. Fiber on a Whim is closing their brick and mortar store and they are having a big sale. This would've been heading toward $200 but I didn't pay anywhere near that. They carry all sorts of yummy fabric and I did not buy as much as one fat quarter. I looked at some cute Amy Butler bag patterns, but put them back. Oh, and the sock yarn? There were two balls left. $2.80 each after the discount.

The real control came from avoiding the yarn shop up in Cumming that closed recently. I know they would've had much more tempting fibery goodness on sale. I also know that I would've had to put any purchases on an already unhappy credit card, so I didn't allow myself to go. I paid for today's stuff in cash.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crochet & Knit "Reader" Giveaway

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Route 66 goes to Rachel O.

Skull/Stars goes to Cassidy.

Coffee Shop goes to Kelly D.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Look what I got for my birthday

not pictured: Intentions Yarn Club membership.

I was able to indulge myself because my dad sent me a great big check as a birthday present. I'm being good with most of it, but had big fun wandering around one of my LYS.
I've wanted the book ever since it came out. I've knit enough socks now that I need other options beyond cuff down and toe up.

The blue blob is actually a dusty periwinkle/purple color. It's my first Malabrigo. I'm joining the Wooly Wormhead hat KAL in a few weeks. I had some heather Cascade 220 in a similar color that I was going to use. However, all the cool kids were getting Malabrigo, so I took this opportunity to get some too.

The Noro is Silk Garden sock yarn. I've used the regular Noro sock yarn before and enjoyed it. This was a total "oooh, shiny" moment. I saw it and grabbed it and didn't even look at the price tag until I got it home. Hmm, wonder if there's something in the Cat Bordhi book that I can use this with?

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Me and Ravelry's top 100 socks

I started organizing a bunch of sewing and knitting stuff today. I did it because I wasn't in the mood to finish my bat wings. I started the bat because I wasn't in the mood to work on my latest Super Sock Scarefest socks. Now I'm posting this because the organizing threw my little brain into overwhelm. I was surrounded with little piles of things and could not decide where to put any of them. Break time!

Ravelry has a list of the top 100 sock patterns that appear in people's project lists. As a chronic sock knitter, I thought it would be fun to see which ones I'd done. Many of mine aren't in my project list, as I haven't entered most of my old completed stuff into Ravelry. Italicized are ones in my pattern/to do book.

1. Monkey
2. Jaywalker
4. Embossed Leaves
5. Pomatomus
10. Spring Forward
19. The Detonator
23. Baudelaire
24. Tidal Wave
28. The Firestarter
36. Bellatrix
37. No Purl Monkeys
43. Fawkes
56. Wee Tiny Swap Sock
65. Bayerische
70. Conwy
72. BFF Socks
79. Lenore
80. Dublin Bay
87. 'Vog On
88. The Solstice Slip

When you consider that a number of the patterns were beginner and generic ones, this is not too bad. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be downloading a bunch of free patterns and adding others to my ThingsIWant List.

By the way, Ravelers, this is the list.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bats! Bats! Bats!

I'm all over anything that's cute, whimsical, and cleverly constructed. That's why visits to Mochimochi Land always make me happy. I think Anna Hrachovec is a genius designer.

When I saw this today while reading Lime&Violet's Daily Chum, I had to get the pattern. It's knit with worsted weight, but I'd love to make itty bitty bats with leftover sock yarn. Imagine a whole dowel with multicolored teeny bats hanging from it.