Monday, October 13, 2008

A Study in Self Control

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Self control? On what planet would that be a picture of self control?? There must be $200 worth of yarn there! And you bought all the sock yarn? Are you insane??

Well, yes and no. Fiber on a Whim is closing their brick and mortar store and they are having a big sale. This would've been heading toward $200 but I didn't pay anywhere near that. They carry all sorts of yummy fabric and I did not buy as much as one fat quarter. I looked at some cute Amy Butler bag patterns, but put them back. Oh, and the sock yarn? There were two balls left. $2.80 each after the discount.

The real control came from avoiding the yarn shop up in Cumming that closed recently. I know they would've had much more tempting fibery goodness on sale. I also know that I would've had to put any purchases on an already unhappy credit card, so I didn't allow myself to go. I paid for today's stuff in cash.

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katerina said...

Give yourself a pat on the back for all your self control! I know a sale sign can drive me to mad ends!