Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I've dropped everything else so I can get the two Welcome Blankets done.  Part of it is because they need to be where they are going in July.  Part of it is because I don't want anything in the way when Tour de Sock starts.  This is the first one.  There's one more strip of triangles partly finished.

The second blanket is blue and white.  The squares will make diamond shapes instead of triangles on that one.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

The May "Who-niverse" offering from the Mad Geek Tour:
It's called Singing Towers of Darillium.

New yarn that's gone directly to WIP are some red, white, and blue bulky weight.   Check out Welcome Blanket for more information.  The pattern designer is the same one behind Pussyhats.

My mug stash is almost as ridiculous as my sock yarn stash.  I'm tempted to get this one.  I don't care for politics, but I've found some running mates that I can get behind. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Yarnia blanket:  The squares with borders on them are not exactly from the Yarnia project.  They are by the same designer with a border someone invented to make the squares the same size as the blanket squares.  I'm doing 8 of these.  I think a 6 x 8 square blanket (48 squares) will work out better than a 5 x 8 (40 squares).

These socks are the Tour de Sock warmup pattern.  If they are done with two nicely contrasting solid yarns, they are really pretty. If they are not, you get Zombie Kitty:

The main color is Lorna's Laces Zombie BBQ, which I won in a drawing a couple of TdS ago.  The contrast is Wollmeise So Long Kitty.  That's where the name came from.

I have not worked on Harley this week.  I did get the new needle yesterday and I did get a picture of what's done so far.  The neckband is a braid (sandwiched between two cables) and the same braid runs down both sleeves.  The body/sleeve increases are done the either side of little cables:

Welcome Blanket is still waiting for the yarn to arrive from the UK any day now.

Frida Kathlo will be started just as soon as either Zombie Kitty or Harley does something to make me want to scream and throw things.  I discovered that I have just about enough yarn left from the Professor Meow sweater to make her.  Seems like the right use for the yarn.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

My order from Miss Babs arrived.  This is Mad Hatter:
This is Angelina:
Angelina was meant to go with some other colors for a Tour de Sock project.  It is a little bit more orange in real life and that doesn't work with the other colors.

On the way is an order from Blue Moon and this month's Who club item.  I'm also going to use my TdS code for Invictus for some totally unnecessary stash yarn.  I'm got until the end of July for that one so I'm attempting to hold off for awhile.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Finished Object Friday

I think I finished this last week.  There's no good excuse for it not to be blocked yet.  The original only has ribbing at the sleeves.  I made them a little longer.  The Professor Meow Sweater:

The only WIPs are the Harley sweater which I can't work on until the new needle arrives and it hasn't even been shipped yet, and the Yarnia blanket squares.  I'm on the last of some extra squares I'm doing so I don't get behind during Tour de Sock.

I've got yarn on order for a Welcome Blanket.  It's a lap blanket and they are being collected to distribute to refugees.  Don't build walls, knit blankets!

I'm debating on whether or not to do the Tour de Sock warm up pattern.  It's not required for the Tour, just a nice pattern to tune up everyone's fingers and needles.  Maybe I'll go see what I've got in stash that might work.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Work in Progress Wednesday. Not.

Yarnia squares are all up to date and the new pattern will appear over the weekend.

Rant begins:
I bought a series of sock patterns and am officially not going to do any more of them.  There were a couple of technical issues with one or two that I could live with.  What I could not live with was the most recent one.  The designer was unable to upload the pattern as we were meant to get it.  What we got did not have a picture.  She posted the picture on a social media site where I do not have an account.  If I'd had the picture, it would have been instantly clear that the written instructions for the heel did not work.  Apparently one needed to do two pages of math calculations to have it come out correctly.  We were not even given a link to this heel pattern.  It is supposed to correct a fit problem that I don't even have.  And did I mention that it was a short sock and the pattern called for a 420 yard skein of yarn? 

Life is too short to knit badly written patterns.
Rant ends.

I went back to working on my Harley sweater which I should not have done after my sock tantrum.  When I started losing stitch markers and spent more time swearing than knitting, I knew it was time to stop.  I'll leave it alone until the longer needle appears.

Yarn for Tour de Sock is mostly selected and in project bags.   I wasn't able to use a lot of sponsor yarn (team gets extra points if you do).  I did make my goal of selecting one Doctor Who-themed yarn for each sock, though.  Did I post that already?  Time for this crabby knitter to go fix some dinner.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I got my order from Dizzy Sheep.  The needles that prompted the order in the first place need to be longer.  Totally my fault.  I'm still glad I ordered the yarns.

Malabrigo Mechita, colorway English Rose:

Schoppel Crazy Zauberball, colorway Pale Shimmer:
Lang Mille Colori:
That last one is a bit Noro-like, only with a more even texture.

I've used a great deal of restraint in the use of my Tour de Sock discount codes.  I've only done one order so far (Miss Babs).  My yarn goal for Tour de Sock is to have each pair use at least one yarn that has something to do with Doctor Who.  English Rose (above) is a little bit of a stretch, but it completes that goal.

We get extra points for using sponsor yarn.  Not many of them have anything beyond TARDIS blue.  I've got enough of that.  I think I'll knit fast enough to make up for not using that much sponsor yarn.  I still want to support the sponsors, so more may be purchased.  I think I'll go check on Invictus and see if she's got anything new that I must have.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Work in Progress Wednesday

Two new Yarnia blanket squares:

Just like last week, no progress on the Harley sweater.  A replacement needle is on the way.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through the Professor Meow sweater.  It's a big cat face on the front of the sweater.  It is just to the point where the face starts to shape into something, so nothing to show but a bunch of gray and black stockinette stitch.

June's Knit from Stash pattern should be showing up any time now.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tour de Sock prep

I dug out my TdS mug and a bunch of Doctor Who yarns.
It isn't just me and my silly camera making a dark picture.  Many of the colors are TARDIS blue and kind of dark.  I'll only need six, but this way I won't have to go digging when the time comes.  Time?  Signup is three days away.  The actual Tour is going to be later than the bike event and is about six weeks from now.  Guess who will do anything to avoid cleaning her house?

The yarns are:
  • Allons-y by Skeined Alive
  • Allons-y by Knitcircus
  • The Magician by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • Oncoming Storm by Sheepy Time Knits
  • The New Time Vortex by Quaere Fibre
  • Medusa Cascade by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • Slim and a little bit Foxy by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • TARDIS blue by Knitivity
  • Bad Wolf by A Hundred Ravens
  • Six, a funky handspun by yours truly
If these aren't enough, there are more:
  • Time Traveler by Knit Picks (several skeins in stash)
  • June Doctor Who Club by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • July Doctor Who Club by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • English Rose by Malabrigo
The last one was another one of those things that had to be purchased even though I obviously didn't need it.  Dizzy Sheep is having a sale.  I needed a replacement needle and they sell Addi Turbos.  I couldn't buy just a needle, could I?  Don't answer that.  You'll see the three skeins on the next Stash Enhancement Saturday.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Finished Object Friday

Albion socks:

These were fun, although I am not sure I got the heel quite right.
Portwenn socks:

Yarn choice left a lot to be desired.  The designs don't show up at all (socks are even darker in person).  The amount of yarn was clearly a problem.  At least I found some stuff for the toes that has a shade that's in the main yarn.

May Knit From Stash socks:

I was knitting away on the Harley sweater last night when the needle separated from the cable.  I hate it when that happens.  They were some freebie needles so I've been pushing my luck using them.  I'm off to order some replacements.  Meanwhile, the sweater is on four short needles.  I don't think I'm crazy enough to try to work on it until the new needle arrives.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WIP Wednesday: yawn

I started the Professor Meow sweater.  There's nothing but several miles of gray stockinette stitch so I won't take a picture.

I did not work on my Harley sweater last week because I was working on Professor Meow.  Also, I completed three pair of socks.

Despite being kind of tired of socks, I signed up for Tour de Sock, Team TARDIS.
I've got several Who-related sock yarns, plus two more on the way before the Tour is done.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Oops

I've got three pair of socks going and no progress on any of them for this week.  The Knit From Stash ones are in the middle of a plain foot and I'm too bored with them to pick them up.  The two mystery socks were the oops.  They both are not set up so you get a notification that there's an update in Ravelry when the updates are posted.  I didn't think to look for them until a few minutes ago.  They are now printed out.

The Harley sweater is moving along, but not much to photograph.  It's half braids and baby cables and half plain knitting.

Here are the two latest Yarnia blanket squares:

The yarn is here for the Professor Meow sweater.  I wonder how long it will be before I'm tempted to start working on it?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I opened up the first package from Mad Color's Who-niverse club this week.  I said, "please don't let it be red" as I tore open the tissue.  I'm happy.
This colorway is called The Magician.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Finished Object Friday

I'm having a somewhat crabby day.  The pictures are what they are. 

I tried repeatedly to get a decent picture of the smallest cross stitch piece and you can see the lack of success.  It's on 40 count silk gauze (that's 40 silk threads per inch in both directions).  The jar lid is about an inch and a half across.  I'm not working that size ever again.

This one isn't quite done.  The wood is a needle box.  I haven't come up with a good way yet to mount the stitching in the oval-shaped recess.  I think I'll make some twisted cord to put around the edge.  The stitching itself is done.  That's 30 count fabric.  I don't think I'll be doing that size again, either.

Both of those sat in a box for somewhere between 10-20 years, so it is pleasing to me to have them done.

This is Dobby's Hidden Sock, a mystery knit along.  They look fairly ridiculous but fit pretty well.
I decided not to put backings on my Hygge shawls.  One is done.  I'll take a picture when I feel like using the camera.  Which I don't right now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Socks and Shawls and Sweaters, oh my!

Socks:  both of the mystery socks are up to date and about half done.  The Knit From Stash sock is partway through the boring plain foot.
 Albion (mystery sock)
Portwenn (mystery sock)  Still can't see the anchor, but it is there.

Shawls:  I'm working on the borders.  Next task will be digging through my fabric stash for backing fabrics.

Sweaters:  yes, more than one.  Harley starts with a neck band with stitches picked up around it.
I'm going to do the Professor Meow Pullover and have yarn on the way.  I got some extra yarn and plan on extending the sleeves.  Some of us of a certain age have to give up on cap sleeves.  Can you say Bingo Wings?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Startitis Attack

I'm caught up with my Hygge shawls.  I think it gets finished this week, border next week, and backing the week after.   I'll take pictures when they are done.

I'm up to date with my Yarnia squares.

I started the May Knit From Stash sock:
This is when the Startitis began.  Two free patterns for mystery sock knitalongs suddenly appeared in my queue.  Why?  One was from General Hogbuffer and I enjoy his stuff:

The other was inspired by the tv show Doc Martin, which I like.  Can you see the anchor made by the purl stitches?
Then there was some yarn that I wanted to use immediately.   I am really close to frogging this and making myself wait until I find a better pattern.  I still like the yarn but this looks a bit too close to clown barf for me to continue with it.
I still have yarn and a pattern for a sweater that I haven't started yet.  I really do need to finish something.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

Say It Like You Mean It is the final offering in this month's Mad Geek Tour.  It's half Sherlock Holmes and half Molly Hooper and illustrates a very sad moment in the last episode of the most recent season.  It is really unusual and I like it a lot.  I want a pattern that is intended for variegated yarn and I want it right now!  This has got to knit up in a really interesting way.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Finished Object Friday

After over a year on and off, it is done:
When it is matted and framed, there will be a better picture.  There are a few mistakes, but I can live with them.

I finished these last week.  They are April's Knit From Stash socks:
The color's green in real life.  Silly camera.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WIP Wednesday, with pictures this time

Yarnia blanket:
Why so little done on the second square?  Part of it was a counting problem.  It is really hard to see a mistake until I'm about 10 rows past it.  The other reason was that I spent all my spare time on the cross stitch piece and it is done!  Picture will appear on Friday if the camera behaves.

Hygge shawls:

Each one has its own new ergonomic crochet hook.  I'm finding them much easier on my hands.

Harley sweater isn't started yet.  Dobby sock isn't started yet, but I do have the pattern now.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Work is in progress.  There are no pictures but many excuses.

Yarnia blanket:  no new squares until Friday.

Cross-stitch sampler:  I'm down to the last two bands and have some enthusiasm for finishing it.  Taking a picture would involve unpinning and unrolling it.  I don't want to do that.

Hygge shawls:  I'm up to date on them both.  I don't want to pull them out and take pictures right now.  I'll do that when I start today's patterns.  I'll start today's patterns when I finish the sampler.

Harley sweater:  yarn is now in a project bag with the pattern printed out.  I should take a picture of the printed out pattern.  It took me hours to get the printer and computer to talk nicely together.  I don't know why they were suddenly mad at each other.   I'll start it after I'm up-to-date on everything else, including the new sock pattern.

Dobby's Lost Sock:  as soon as I said I was burned out on knitting socks, I found another one I wanted to do.  Since the new season of Doctor Who starts on Saturday, it was the perfect time to use that skein of Hell in High Heels for it.  Everything is ready to go except for the actual pattern.  The designer set up everything except for a link to buy it.  If it shows up, it'll go in the queue after the new Hygge clues and before the new Yarnia clues.

See what I mean about excuses?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's not stash...

...if I'm using it for something. 

I got this yarn today from LoveKnitting:
It is a wool/alpaca DK weight from West Yorkshire Spinners.  The color's called Sea Glass and looks better in person than it did online.  It's an almost mint green but a touch closer to gray so it doesn't look like it is for a baby blanket.  I am going to make a sweater from it.

I wanted to try the new Felici worsted weight from KnitPicks.  It was extra tempting when I found out that there was a version of Time Traveler (third color down) available.  It's my Doctor Who addiction coming out.  I have the original Felici Time Traveler in my stash in very silly amounts.  The top color is Baker Street (also addicted to Sherlock) and the second one is, obviously, Rainbow.  All of these are for my Yarnia blanket.

I'd stay and rattle on about a new sock pattern, but there's a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America.  I just heard Ten say, "Don't blink!" so it is time for my favorite episode that I've seen dozen of times.  Bye!