Friday, November 17, 2017

This week’s yarn fun

I made two squares for my Yarnia blanket.  Two more to go, then much assembly time.

I made a hat.  The cat briefly claimed it as a bed, so it didn’t get washed when it was meant to be.  Picture next time if I get off my lazy behind and block it.

I started a pillow.  I got bored after one pattern repeat and set it to one side.

I got a slipper kit at the same time I got the pillow yarn.  The pattern was a nightmare:  magic loop and steeks.  I absolutely loathe magic loop.  There is nothing magical in fiddling endlessly with stitches on a cable.  I have sworn off anything that is not fun whenever possible.  Therefore, this one is deleted.  The lesson is to check pattern details next time.  The cost of the kit was the same as if I’d just bought the yarn, so it was not so bad.

I started a different slipper pattern using some of the kit yarn.  It has embroidery, so some stash yarn will be used up.

Speaking of stash, mine was enhanced today.  I’ve been trying to limit my yarn purchases unless there’s a good reason.  This sock blank benefits the California wine country that was damaged by wildfires last month.  The vendor is Little Skein in the Big Wool.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have so much stash enhancement in the last month and a half.......I also can't decide what to work on....