Friday, October 28, 2011

FO Friday 10/28/11

FO Friday 10/28/11 by Paula knits
FO Friday 10/28/11, a photo by Paula knits on Flickr.

The 3 month long project I'm doing for Nerd Wars is a lace scarf. It has been trying my patience, so I've been finishing up other projects in between.

The top two are from a set of 7 anklets from Knit Picks. I'd forgotten them for over a year.

The bottom pictures are of Owlie socks. Do you see the little owls with their beady (pun intended) eyes? These were knit from some Lorna's Laces sock yarn I got from the Cookie A sock club. I don't recall why I didn't use it for one of the sock club patterns.

I attempted to start the Double Heelix socks from Knitty late last night. I nearly threw a tantrum. There are four working threads and they never ended up at the right place at the right time. I think I'll go back to knitting the lace for a while.

Friday, October 21, 2011

FO Friday 10/21/11

hexsocks by Paula knits
hexsocks, a photo by Paula knits on Flickr.

I am getting better with the camera, but this shows I clearly need more practice. These are the latest from the Cookie A sock club. I signed up for another year of patterns, yarn, and cookie recipes.

I found a bag of projects that were set aside when Nerd Wars began. I'm alternating between them and the lace scarf I'm doing as my Nerd Wars dissertation.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FO Friday 10/14

FO Friday 10/14 by Paula knits
FO Friday 10/14, a photo by Paula knits on Flickr.

Can you tell I've been feeling better? I finished all my Nerd Wars challenges already. There's the Allons-y scarf, a crocheted bow tie, a knitted bow tie (failed because I couldn't tie it), a crocheted cover for my camera, a mini K-9, and a pair of Cookie A club socks.

The socks are alpaca blend and I may never take them off. The yarn's from Alpaca with a Twist.

The K-9 has his own haiku (part of the challenge):

A little tin dog
K-9 always saves the day.
"Good dog!" "Yes, master."

Friday, October 7, 2011

FO Friday 10/7/11

fof10711 by Paula knits
fof10711, a photo by Paula knits on Flickr.

It looks like I'm going to have to study my new camera's manual to get some better pictures.

The creature is a pteradactyl named Myfanwy, a Nerd Wars project. The pink socks are called Daphne. The blue socks are called Velma. Daphne and Velma are the previous Cookie A sock club projects. The gray socks are the Rose Bridge socks from Knitters Brewing Company.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Camera has arrived

and the darn thing has to be charged before I can play with it. It has lots more megapixels and is much tinier than my old one. It wants a memory card that I don't have but it has something like 20 meg of memory that lives in the camera. Tomorrow there should be a pile of finished object pictures.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It was the computer this time

I'm getting better, but the motherboard on my antique computer gave out last week. I got my new computer yesterday. There have been some good surprises, such as how fast it is and how much better some things run. There have been some not so good surprises, such as my antique digital camera not being supported under Windows 7. There's a way around that, but I think I'm going to just replace the camera.

When I got back online after nearly a week, I found out that I won the Nerd Wars battle. It was that game where characters from various nerddoms battled each other in an imaginary tournament. River Song won (of course).

I have been knitting, but with no camera connection to the computer, there are no pictures. Yikes, with Nerd Wars tournament 3 starting today, I had best get on top of the camera situation right away. I finished the last two pair of Cookie A sock club socks plus the Knitters Brewing Company's Brige of Roses socks. Those are challenging and really cute. They've got a trellis pattern with a little bridge on each side. There are green "stems" on them and then you embroider little roses and rosebuds on them. Pictures coming as soon as I have a new camera.