Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I can stash enhance again!

As of this morning, I officially have a new job. One of the first things I thought was that I can buy more yarn. Of course I don't need any , but I've got this lovely discount card from Blue Moon that I was wondering if I'd ever be able to use. Now I can.

I've got my eye on Lunasea, Grandma's Flower Garden, and Watermelon Tourmaline. I'll probably get them all in lightweight, but I might splurge on one skein in silkie. It's soooo soft.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Silly Me

The house needs cleaning. I need cleaning. The laundry needs to be finished. The yard's a mess. Am I even knitting? No. On a whim, I decided that I had to have a separate yarn blog and I had to do it today. I'm including a couple of recent posts so the blog doesn't look like somebody just moved in.
5/14/07: The Grasshopper pattern that was supposed to be used with Walking on the Wild Tide just didn't work for me. I tried it and could do the pattern. However: 1-I'm not fond of the look of purl stitches on the outside, 2-doing mainly purl stitches on something knit in the round removes one of the pleasures of knitting that way, 3-I knew I'd throw a hissy fit if I had to do two whole socks trying to purl the purl stitches and yarn overs together. It wasn't just me. Someone on the STR blog posted that they'd snapped a bamboo needle trying to do that. Instead I'm doing Knit Pick's Braided Aran Cable. The cable pattern gets lost, but the yarn is shown off better than it would be with the Grasshopper. Whether I'm able to get them on over my great fat ankles is yet to be seen. The yarn police can bite me if they are concerned about me not knitting the designated pattern for this yarn. So there!
5/21/07: The Braided Aran Cable was too tight on my leg, so I frogged it. I replaced it with the Tidal Wave pattern from SWTC that a number of other people are using. I like the strange wide stripes on the foot especially. I've only done one sock because I needed a break after knitting the sock 2 1/4 times.