Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Knit one, buy two

After a couple of weeks of intermittent cat barfing, I took Jasmine to the vet.  Long story short, the vet said he doesn’t expect that she’ll be around much longer.  I am very sad.  The only thing I can do is try and come up with anything that she’ll eat.

I am not concentrating well on my knitting so I keep starting projects and not finishing anything.  Whenever I see something I think might be fun, I buy it.  It is going to be lonely without my furry pal.  Maybe a big pile of projects may help a little bit.

I got some patterns from Mochmochi Land and managed to get some sugarplum fairies and nutcrackers made.  The nutcrackers look like they need an orthodontist.  I considered redoing the teeth but figured the whole face might fall apart if the existing teeth were removed.
The crocheted square they are sitting on is one I got in a swap.  The swap squares were all really nice and it will be fun to get them all together some day.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What I have been up to

I gave up on the advent socks.  I am making an advent pillow instead.  Every day I open an advent box and knit two squares for the pillow.  There’s still a lot of yarn left, so I will come up with a plan for it later.  The pillow looks like the colored squares are floating on it.  The effect  is hard to see until the whole thing is assembled.  I can see it a little bit now.

These are the Red Robin socks, the last pair from the Handmade Sock Society.  Pretend you can’t see that bit of laddering in the middle, okay?

I am getting my swap squares and have started working on getting them together.  It is a challenge to get things to match up that we’re made by 10 different people.  It is fun, though.

Possible projects:
-Dolores Transatlantic outfit, waiting for lost needles (long boring story)
-Dolores Sugarplum Fairy outfit, maybe next if lost needles don’t appear
-Roamin’ hat by Kate Davies, book and yarns on the way from the UK
-Thirteenth Doctor Rainbow scarf, waiting for:  pattern to be released, yarn to arrive from the UK,  out of stock color to appear so the rest of the colors can be ordered

Friday, November 30, 2018


I saw a picture of a TARDIS wreath that someone on Facebook had done.  This is what I did.
The one that was the inspiration for it was much cooler than what I ended up doing, but I still had fun with it.  Everything, including the base for the wreath, was created from things I already had.  I made everything except the Adipose (little white thing next to the bow tie) and the TARDIS ornament.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sweaters, Socks, and Squares

Rose sweater:  I decided that it was going to be too big and that I probably wouldn’t have worn it much even if it had fit.  I am going to wash it in hot water and make a pillow out of the felted remains.

Moon sweater:  haven’t yet worked out the extended pattern, so it remains in time out.

Sweaters using the Danish yarn:  the yarn is light fingering so it didn’t work for the pattern I was using which called for regular fingering.  I may try the yarn on a sweater pattern I tried last year.  I was burned out after trying the yarn twice on the same pattern, so no sweaters for me for awhile.

Socks:  I finished three pair.  Let’s see if I can find the pictures.

I decided to do my own advent socks this year, instead of the frankensocks I have done in the past years.  I am going to use a Drops pattern with white yarn as the background color.  The pattern will be done using the advent calendar yarns.

That leaves squares.  I crocheted some for a swap that I am in.  The ones I receive will be used for the  center of a blanket.  Since I don’t have anything in the works at the moment, I am making more squares for the blanket.  I went looking through my Ravelry library for patterns to try.  I discovered that I have a book of 200 patterns.  I found it eventually on a bookshelf.  It still had the receipt inside, dated 2010!

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Hobbii is a Scandinavian yarn company.  They were Tweeting about a sale a couple of weeks ago.  I had one of my shopping impulses.  These arrived from Denmark today.
The two bags were grab bags.  You got 5 balls each of two different colors, no choice of colors.  I’ve got enough yarn for two sweaters for about $25 each.  The single balls were added to get free shipping.  They are both 100% wool in tonal color ways.  

The little white thingy is a row counter, something that could be ordered for free.

I’m off to Ravelry to do sweater pattern searches.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Advent Calendars

I finished the one I was knitting.  I am not crazy about how it turned out.  It isn’t the pattern’s fault.  If I did it again (which I won’t) I would pick colors I like better.  I was going to use it for the mini skeins advent calendar  I ordered.  The skeins arrived today in cute little numbered boxes.

I will leave them as they are.  They must go into hiding so I am not tempted to open anything before December 1.

My projects have been shuffled around due to two cases of damaged wood.  I started Dolores’s skirt and found a chip in the needles.  I ordered new ones and they are not yet delivered due to a mailbox whose post was damaged.  It fell over.  No mailbox, no mail.  I’ve got a new one, but haven’t found a handy person to install it.  In between online searches and waits for responses, I am working on socks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Project Status

  • Square Swap:  squares are done.  I need to come up with a trinket to send to the people who didn’t want the stitch markers I got for the rest of the group.  There are four variations of the squares to match different color preferences.  This is the pattern as written.
  • Advent Calendar:  done except for the decorations.  Pattern should show up on Friday.
  • Fox Socks:  about 50 more rows on the second sock.
  • Nutmeg Socks:  second sock is in progress.
  • Turn Left Socks:  in time out.  Foot was too big, leg too small.
  • Moon Sweater:  in time out.  Too small.  I think there’s enough yarn for a bigger sweater.  It will take some work to calculate exactly how to do it.
  • Rose Sweater:  in time out.  Need to do some research to figure out the button bands.
I’ve got five projects in my Ravelry queue.  New projects are always more appealing than finishing old ones.  Some of them will no doubt be worked on before all that stuff in time out.  I want to start the latest Dolores outfit, so that’s probably next.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk about working on anything.  This is dangerous because I tend to impulsively jump into something that sounds like it might be fun.  The result this time is that there’s a big bag of sale yarn on the way from Denmark.  The rest of the story will be revealed when the yarn arrives.