Monday, December 15, 2014

Scarf not fun

Arrgh. The third day clues had multiple mistakes. I ended up doing it three times and kind of faking it on the last row when the stitch count was off by 1. It was amusing in a demented sort of way. If you knit it as written, you end up with a single abandoned stitch on one side of the scarf. That was how I knew that what I was doing wasn't even close.

I put down my needles and picked up a crochet hook. Jasmine the cat ripped the head off of her catnip Dalek. She must know what "exterminate" means. I made her a new one with Christmas colors.

Now I'm doing cross-stitch. I'm simplifying my original idea for my Doctor Who messenger bag so that it actually gets completed. Simple stitching, that's the ticket. Plus it will use up bits of those many Doctor Who fat quarters that I just had to buy.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scarf fun

I'm over my little knitting tantrum. I've been working on Scarfy Shenanigans. It's 12 days of clues and has been fun so far.
The yarns are DK weight straight out of my stash. One's a silk/wool blend. The other is wool/silk/cashmere. Nice and soft!

Friday, December 12, 2014

What now?

I'm frustrated and am going to rant. Go grab a candy cane and log into a happy blog.

::rant on::

Issue #1: The Kaffe Fasset KAL. My problem is obvious:

That's supposed to be flat. And square. I've tried to sew them together many different ways. None of them works. I'm not perfect but I AM experienced in this sort of thing. I packed up all of the squares and yarn and put them where I won't run across them any time soon. If and when my patience returns, I'll look at it again.

Issue #2: Blogger. I'm typing away on this and the screen freezes. Suddenly, I'm back four pages from where this is. I came back and the draft was here. The way my luck is going, this will disappear. At least I'll have had the therapy of ranting.

Issue #3: PayPal. I wanted to start in on something new and fun. I found a scarf KAL where the pattern's (allegedly) free with a code. I clicked Buy It Now on Ravelry. When I logged into PayPal, it charged me for the pattern right away and didn't give me a chance to enter the code. I'm not going to do anything about it because it wasn't all that expensive. If I try to get a refund, PayPal will charge the designer a fee for the refund and I don't want him to have to pay it. I'm still mad, though. I'm too mad to want to work on the scarf.

::rant off::

Now? I'll finish the stupid curtains and put all of my knitting stuff away and get out all the cross stitch stuff. I think knitting is telling me to go away for a while.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shop attack

I have been knitting, kind of. I'm working on curtains for some French doors and they are taking forever. I get bored and switch over to the afghan knit along. I get bored with that because all the squares are the same. They just use different color combinations. Then I try to sew some of the square together and they look horrible. All the time and expense and the stupid squares look terrible. Grrrrr. I put the squares down and log onto Ravelry. It was one of the ads that got me.

I ended up at etsy. Clicky clicky clicky. Next thing you know, there's fun things on the way: a Tardis shawl pin, two skeins of sock yarn from the Cyborg's Craft Room, and a cross stitch kit from the UK. Do I need or even know what I want to do with sock yarn called Unicorn Rainbow Fight and Spontaneous Dance Party? No, I do not. I may just leave it here next to the computer and let it make me happy. Why did I buy a cross stitch kit when I've got virtually every color of DMC embroidery floss known to man? I was unwilling to wait and see if the chart alone would be offered for sale. It's cool. It's Van Gogh-themed. Maybe it will get me stitching on the pieces for that Doctor Who messenger bag I just had to make and haven't started.

It's back to the curtains for now. Yawn.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Knitted Curtains

I've got this great big 4000 yard cone of yarn. It was supposed to be worsted weight. It isn't. I attempted to use it for an afghan but it didn't work. It has been collecting dust for quite some time. Then I ran across a knitted curtain pattern. I've got one smallish window and two French doors that need new curtains. The pattern calls for sport weight, which is what the great big cone actually is. It sounded like a good match. I made a swatch and based the number of stitches on the swatch. Ooops, it was too long. I tried again and it worked out pretty well:
I've started in on the ones for the doors. I hope I've got a better guess on the number of stitches this time. At least I know there should be plenty of yarn.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Time Traveler's back at Knit Picks

I'm trying to spread the word, since I know of people who missed it the first two times. Knit Picks is offering their Felici sock yarn in the Time Traveler colorway again. This is a limited edition so I have no idea how long it'll stay around this time. It has 6 of the 7 colors of the original Tom Baker (fourth Doctor Who) scarf. Let's see if I can snag a picture.
$5.49 for a 50 gram ball. It's listed under one time specials, so grab it while you can.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I like this hat

The pattern's called Flores and it was fun. It's MUCH easier than it looks. You do have two different balls of yarn, but only one is used at any one time. I did it with Mad Color (the blue/green) and Noro (the other colors). It was the first thing I've done in weeks that worked out well. I'm going to check my stash and maybe make another one. by the way, the colors are darker in person. The light blue/turquoise sort of color is actually green and shades of dark blue.