Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stash Enhancement Saturday

The colorway is Nothing Says Screw You Like a Rainbow.  Odd name, but cool yarn.  It has rainbow stripes alternating with a blue sky with clouds.  I can't resist yarn that does something.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Finished Object Friday

Look, I actually finished something:
The sock pattern is Bovary by General Hogbuffer.  It was a mystery pattern where you get a clue every week or so for four weeks.  It was fun to do.  The yarn is a touch darker in real life, more of a light olive.  I liked it a lot.  It is Peppino from The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze.  I have got to get some more of this stuff.  It is nice and twisty and springy like Koigu.  If memory serves, he used to be a dyer for them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hardly any progress Wednesday

I've spent most of the past week in and out of the frog pond.  I've started the Doctor Who Christmas sock something like four times.  Some of it looks like it will look okay after blocking.  Some of it absolutely does not.  I'm going to bag it all up and put it in hibernation.  I may end up doing much of it in duplicate stitch because I know I can do that correctly.  It would help if there was a picture of the completed sock, but I've been unable to locate one.

Oh, well.  It isn't that I don't have other things to work on.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I got a box of yarn from Knit Picks this week.  I used it to restart the Doctor Who Christmas sock.  I may re-restart it.  Colorwork and I are not playing well together.

I wanted to keep the two cakes of this yarn in their original bag, so that's why the plastic.  It is called Whose Scarf? and was the final shipment from Knitcirus' Doctor Who club.  This wants to be socks but it hasn't told me what pattern yet.

I've got two special orders in the works from Etsy dyers.  One is the Dark Side of the Moon yarn and the other is that rainbow with cloud stripes. 

Yarn:  there are worse things to be addicted to.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Knitter's ADD Day aka WIP Wednesday

Name of the Doctor scarf, still hibernating.

Mystery Garden Afghan, square for week 29:
Note that the fuzziness is from the yarn and not my photographic ineptitude.

Arts and Crafts blanket, still hibernating.

Vigdis Backpack, all done except for lining.

Bovary Socks, new clue should be out today:

Willow the WIP will be holding some knitting when I acquire some toothpicks.  The designer said that she'll finish your WIPs when you are asleep.  I plan to sit her on the project bag that holds The Name of the Doctor scarf and see what happens.

Spoiler Socks:  toe of second sock is done.  This is the first.

Fuzziness in picture is from my ineptitude and not the yarn.  Likewise the next picture.

Sock Knitter's Shawl:

Doctor Who Christmas Sock:  yarn arrived yesterday.  Got halfway through the cuff when I realized that I should not have turned the chart upside down.  Restarted cuff, but there's not much to see yet.

Okay, now go see what Tammy and her pals are up to.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Arne & Carlos yarn

I got past one repeat of the yarn.  It took most of a 9.5" foot of a 72 stitch sock:

It starts with the solid white bit on the toe, goes to the orange and white part in the middle of the screen, the pattern reverses and begins again at the white stripe at the far right.  I've never had a self-patterning yarn do that.

I felt a little bit bad that I didn't wait until the Doctor Who swap arrived before buying the A&C yarn.  In my defense, I never expected my swap partner to be able to find it, let alone get it in a color I picked myself.  The good thing is that I can go ahead and use it for socks and for a shawl pattern.  I found The Sock Knitter's Shawl and thing it would be big fun to knit with this yarn.

I spotted something on Ravelry that the author calls a mega-pattern.  It's an appropriate name.  It has 52 Christmas/winter motifs plus hat, pillow, sock, and scarf patterns you can use them to make.  The motifs are really nicely done.  I think I must have this pattern.  It has a cat in a Santa hat that looks just like my Jasmine cat.  Here's the Ravelry link to InfiniChristmas.

Friday, July 10, 2015

OMG Swap arrived

I can't believe the stuff in this swap.  My partner not only managed to find some Arne&Carlos, she crocheted like crazy.  Here's some of the things:
The pink and black object is a Dalek kitchen towel, one of those that you can button around a handle.
The gray creature holding a rose is a Bad Wolf.
The blue and white thing is a Tardis yarn bowl.
In front of that is a Star Whale.
In front of that is a mini Adipose.
Opposite that is the Are You My Mummy boy, complete with gas mask!
In front is a shawlette decorated with little flowers.

She also made me some Jelly Babies (crocheted ones) and another yarn bowl.  There are a dozen mini yarn skeins, too.  Now this is only the fiber-related stuff.  There were more things besides.  I'm totally blown away.  If anyone's looking for me, I'm off to make a cup of coffee to have with the cookies I got.  I'll be doing that while I read the Doctor Who book and magazine.