Friday, May 18, 2018

Nothing’s Finished Friday

l have some new yarn.
This is Koigu.  It was an impulse buy.  I was checking Wool Watcher on Jimmy Beans Wool.  When I saw Koigu on sale, I promptly lost my mind.

This was a mostly deliberate purchase from Webs.
All but the blue multicolored in back are for a sweater.  It’s the Rose sweater from the Shetland book.  The blue multi is an Arne and Carlos that I just had to have.

Nothing is finished because all three projects are at a boring place.

Sock Arm Sleeves needs 5 more inches of knitknitknit before anything interesting happens.

Tipsy Toes Socks need about 4 more inches of knitknitknit before heel shaping starts.  I started these partly because I was tired of working on the sweater.  Have I mentioned that before?  Heeheehee.

I spent over an hour with the yarn winder to get everything ready for the Rose sweater.  That’s how much I wanted to avoid the other projects.  It had been started and it now needs about 2 inches of k1p1 before anything interesting happens.

Vacuuming is starting to sound really fun.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Finished Object Friday

I finished this weeks ago.  Per usual, I just got a picture of it.

I got the pillow form for this one and finished it up.

It uses a clever technique that was new to me.  It's called jacquard something, feeble brain can't come up with it at the moment.  Instead of wrapping the yarn around to create floats, you do something else.  You cast on an extra stitch for every 5 in the pattern.  If you were knitting a 100 stitch pattern, you'd cast on 120 stitches.  You follow the pattern for 5 stitches.  The 6th stitch is purled in whatever color is being carried and not worked at that point.  Then you do it again all the way across.  The purl stitches disappear on the right side.  On the back side, it looks like columns of knit stitches with plain bits of yarn connecting them.  The woman who designed this pattern said that commercial knitting is done in a similar way.

In the unfinished department, there's only the sweater I've been working on and off for months.  I've over halfway to the point where I get to do something other than knitknitknit.

In the stuff I'm planning, there's yarn on the way for a sweater.  I got Susan Crawford's new book on Shetland knitting.  I knit a hat from the book as a test of my fair isle skills.  The fair isle part came out pretty well, so I decided to give it a go.  I think it has a steek, though.  I'll think about that later.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stash Enhancement Saturday.

I haven’t wanted to knit socks and my sock yarn stash nearly can be seen from space.  I bought yarn this week and of course, it’s sock yarn.

It came from Fat Girl Sewing which I found on Etsy.

Why?  I was asked to join Team TARDIS for Tour de Sock.  The Tour runs roughly the same time as the Tour de France bike race.  You pay a registration fee which goes to Doctors Without Borders.  You get six sock patterns by established designers.  The first pattern is released, you get the pattern, then you knit like crazy.  You post the picture of your completed socks, which will follow those already completed by several dozen Finns.  People from Finland can knit unbelievably quickly.

But I digress.  You can join a team or do it solo.  There are teams with a wide variety of themes.  There’s no pressure to finish anything unless you apply it to yourself.  The last sock is usually enough to make me want to scream and throw things.  I didn’t finish them in the past 2 years and still finished pretty high in the standings.

There are prizes for those really high in the standings.  There are discounts from sponsoring yarn companies.  I think this is a lot to get back from a modest contribution to a great charity.

Yeah, I know, I’ve gone on about all this before.  I’m avoiding admitting that I didn’t really need more yarn.  I have a little tradition where I use Doctor Who yarn colors when I knit for Team TARDIS.  I’m actually running low on that sort, so I bought Shut Up (pink) and Fantastic! (green).

Friday, April 27, 2018

Finishing Object Friday

These have been done for awhile, but they just got blocked.  The pattern is Paris 1919.

These are the latest Handmade Sock Society pattern.  As predicted, I knit a couple of inches on my sweater and suddenly switched to the second sock.

What’s next?  I don’t know yet.  The only patterns that look interesting are both sweaters.  Starting another one seems like a really bad idea.  The other thing I want to do isn’t available yet.  It’s a kit to knit your own Dolores (Franklin Habit’s sheep). 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stash Enhancement Saturday

It’s been at least a month of fiber fails.  I start projects and don’t finish them.  Some were good ideas in theory that did not work.  One is a serious case of second sock syndrome.  I finished an afghan  and don’t like it.  Ditto a pair of socks.  I may be reduced to working on the sweater:  knit knit knit yawn.

Clearly I don’t need more stash, so of course I bought yarn.  This one came from Knit Picks and I am not sure exactly what my motive was.  Probably it was on sale.

Jimmy Beans Wool gave me a credit and free shipping so I had to use them!  These are Onesies from madelinetosh.  They are almost one of a kind.  The green one is Beta and the purple one is Dirty Harry.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Next Two Projects

37 balls of yarn.

They weren’t scheduled to arrive today, so guess who is three rounds into another little pillow?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Grab Bag

That was quick.  The Jimmy Beans grab bag I ordered at the end of last week arrived already.  I decided ahead of time that I would be satisfied if it contained colors I didn’t hate.  Mission accomplished.

I expected 3 colors for some reason and ended up with only 2.  Someday I’ll be happy to discover 800 yards of hot pink in my stash.  The gold will be used someday, too.

There were other things besides the yarn:  a series of beginner scarf patterns, a cute spring themed project bag, a set of stitch markers, and some temporary tattoos.  All told, it was worth indulging myself.