Friday, September 13, 2019

What’s new

Mostly I have been working on the throw/blankie made with all those national parks inspired yarns.  This is just a quick shot of a bit of it.  The whole thing looks better than this random bit.

I got a bunch done last weekend because I signed up for BritBox.  I binge watched all of Cold Feet and Shetland.  Nothing else is calling to me so the blankie is getting boring.  The last time it happened, I tried and failed at a couple of different hats.  I did finish Scare Isle.  It needs blocking.

Before that, I was reading a description of the Thirteenth Doctor’s socks.  I made a pair without a pattern.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dolores and more

I thought I posted my last Tour de Sock pair.  Here they are.  The toes are supposed to be that way.

Dolores needed a new pal since she didn’t have Jasmine the cat anymore.  I knit her a Harry.  He’s dressed for Poetry Appreciation night.  Dolores is dressed for Martini Appreciation night.  I liked the olive and martini glass pattern on her dress and tote.

My current project is a national park blanket/throw.  It has all the national park theme yarns in it.  It is a very long term project.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tour de Sock, stages 2-5

Stage 2, Diversion
Stage 3,  Ancient Path
Stage 4, MondKristall
Stage 5, Prism

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Haleakala National Park

One of the many parks that will stay on my imaginary trip list is Haleakala.  I have managed to visit all of the 48 states.  The last two never worked into my plans.  I wonder what volcanoes must be like.  I imagine that there are exotic flowers everywhere and that the air is full of their scent.  I even want to taste that uniquely Hawaiian treat, shave ice.  Alas, I expect I will be limited to this souvenir yarn from Knitted Wit.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Beyond Enhancement

The self striping yarn from Must Stash showed up today.  Anything that comes into stash now is officially beyond stash enhancement.  The color with a lot of brown in it is Woodstock 50.  The one with a lot of gray is Ready Player One.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Shop Therapy

I’ve been sick.  I miss my cat and have been wondering if I should get a new one.  The country has reached a new level of stupid and it makes my head hurt.

To offset some of this nastiness, I have been following some dog people on Twitter.  I think they may show up other places, but that’s where I see them.  If you need some sweetness and happy, I recommend them.  I’ve Pet That Dog is 10 year old Gideon from Iowa.  His goal is to pet all the dogs.  He posts pictures daily of the dogs he pets along with a charming story about the dog.  We Rate Dogs is Matt the dogfather whose daily posts include a rating (never less than 11 out of a possible 10) for that day’s dog.  Once a week, a dog is featured whose caregivers are overwhelmed by medical costs.  It gives you a little faith in humanity when you see how fast each goal is met.  The Golden Ratio is a group of mostly rescue golden retrievers.  I think there are six at the moment.  They are all cuties with distinctive personalities.  Their caretakers do not hesitate to give love and care to even the oldest and sickest puppers.  It is very positive and I enjoy their adventures.  Go find them and discover the importance of waffles, carrots, a rock in Florida, and a shark.

This should be enough, even for a yarn junkie who suspects she may have achieved SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy).  It wasn’t.  I changed my National Park project. The new project requires 3 more skeins.  When I ordered one from Miss Babs, I saw this and decided to get it.

Then there were emails from Must Stash.  They do the best self striping yarns.  Ready Player One is a rainbow on a gray background.  I liked it and having read the book recently, the yarn kept calling.  I was good until a well-timed email caused me to give in.  I also got a 50th anniversary of Woodstock skein.  It has a zillion stripes with each one representing a band that was there.

That was more than enough until the train wreck/dumpster fire was last week.  I saw the newest Dolores kit on the WEBS site.  It is a cute sundress with a martini glass fair isle border.  Clickety click, I’ll have that.  And since Dolores no longer has a cat companion, I got the Harry kit too.  He’s a  ball of yarn that features in many of her adventures.

Yeah, I have been here before.  I may be here again.  In the meantime, I’ll be working on Tour de Sock stage 4.  Ever hear of first sock syndrome?  I think I just invented it.  I want to do anything but finish one stupid toe.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I decided to behave myself and work on my Tour de Sock pair instead of the patchwork queue jumpers.

The TDS sock is called Ancient Path.  It has fancy colorwork cables on it.

Judging by my credit card bill, I have been doing much better with not indulging in yarn.  The exception is this Shiver of Socks kit.  It is for celebrating Shark Week, so it was a necessary purchase.  Also I had a credit at Jimmy Beans.