Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ravellenics Day 5

I finished a hat.  It's too big even for me.  My cat has claimed it as a cat mat.  It's too small for all of her to sleep on, but that doesn't seem to bother her.  Many awards for a semi-fail project.

Oh yeah, the hat:

The sweater that was (note the use of past tense) my main project has about a half of inch of ribbing done.  I got bored even faster than I expected to.

I started the shawl that was my backup project.  There's not enough done to bother showing yet.

I'm keeping up with the sock knitalong that runs along with that big athletic event.  I don't dare use the O-word, but you know what I mean.  I thought we'd get some instruction on when and where and how many medal stitches to knit.  I was wrong.  I worked out a way of doing it that should be okay.  Everyone is working out their own methods.  Some have even worked in gold, silver, and bronze beads depending on the medal.  I'll be on the foot this time next week, so pictures should appear then.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday

It is less than two days until Ravellenics begins.  I should have very little if anything in progress.  This is what’s actually happening:
The pink socks are a Valentines Day mystery knit along.  Both socks just need toes.  I knew that the last clue comes out the same day as Ravellenics starts.  I thought there would be plenty of time for toes.  Wrong.  Ravellenics begins at 0600 where I live.

The blue socks are SpillyJane’s Curling Socks.  They would be fun to knit during the Winter Olympics, but there’s too much on my plate already.  I didn’t want to wait until 2022 to do them.  I wasn’t doing anything at the time so I cast them on.  I’d forgotten something, though.

The purple socks are from a ebook I forgot buying.  They come out every two months starting in February.  As in four days before Ravellenics in February.

Good thing I have many duplicate dpns.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ravellenics 2018 prep

With over 10 days to go before Ravellenics begins, things are getting a teeny bit ridiculous.

Project #1:  Sock Arms Sweater.  I can probably do this completely during the Games.  Kit came from Must Stash.

Project #2:  Olympia Socks.  These should be done during the Games.  The pattern varies depending on how many medals Team USA wins.  Kit came from Jimmy Beans Wool with yarn from Lorna's Laces and red, white, and blue stitch markers.

Project #3:  Team USA 2018 Hat.  This should be done during the Games.  Someone saw the Team USA sweaters and designed a hat based on the sweater design.  It's on Ravelry and it is free.  I'll get colorwork and stash laurels for it, so why not?

Project #4:  #fubc Shawl.  This is in case I complete the first three projects and need something more.  Stop laughing, it could happen.  Actually, I don't even have it in my projects yet so I'm not confident of this happening.  fubc = f you breast cancer and is from Susan Crawford who is a survivor.

My prediction is that the hat and socks will be done.  I'll get bored with the sweater and switch over to the shawl.  The shawl might be done too, but the sweater will not be.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Gnome pillow:
Frida pillow:
Cake or Death pillow:
I came to the conclusion that the best way to shop for pillow forms is online.  There’s no going from store to store, trying to find three different specific sizes.  I did have to pay more shipping than I expected to, but it was worth it.  Besides, JoAnn is having a half price sale.

Next up is the latest clue for the Valentine socks.  After that, embroidered pillowcases. They won’t be granny type embroidery, although I qualify age-wise.  Sublime Stitching, who did the Frida kit, sent iron ons with pillowcases I got this week.  More skulls and fewer sweet little daisies.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mail Call

The madelinetosh Quick Shots I ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool arrived today.

The pinks are a bit different from each other in real life.  The yarn is merino/nylon with a good twist.

Franklin Habit did a column for Mason-Dixon Knitting about stitch dictionaries.  I decided to risk ordering from Amazon to get two of them.  (Skip next paragraph to avoid rant.)

Why was it risky?  The last two times I ordered from them, the order was “delivered” via their delivery “service”.  They take a picture of your package and email it to you so you can see that it arrived.  In both of my shipments, the photos were only clues to where they were dumped.  I did not recognize the first one.  Luckily whoever got it brought it to my house.  The second ended up next door.  It was scary going down and up his slippery stairs with a big box.  Beware ordering anything from Amazon other than books or smallish things that go via USPS.

Fortunately the books came through the mail and I am happy to have them.  The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible is gorgeous.  260 patterns of lace, cable, bobbles, leaves, borders, and a whole lot more.  It makes me want to try them all.

Alter Knit is a completely different book, but great in its own way.  It contains 200 colorwork patterns. There are swirls and diamonds and squares of many kinds.  There are several Escher-inspired designs.  There is a needles and yarn design.  There are also patterns of things.  Many are animals, plus robots, cactus, zombies, and bicycles.  As a fan of Eddie Izzard, I am trying to think of something I can make with the Cake or Death pattern.

These books have motivated me to pick my needles back up.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Almost Sunday

I finished my Oh, Brilliant socks:
They were inspired by this:

I'm doing a Valentine's Day mystery sock knitalong.  One clue a week and if you do both socks each week, you have a pair to wear on VD:

Jimmy Beans Wool is offering special yarns from madelinetosh.  They are called (I think) Quick Shots.  There are only a few of each colorway.  Some of them may be regular offerings later one but most will not.  I went on a mini-binge and bought several colorways.  They also will have those Addi sock needles I've been looking for, so I have ordered a pair of them.

I'm off to do embroidery for awhile.  There will be much knitting (and knitting and knitting) during Ravellenics so I want to rest my needles until then.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I bought a sweater at a Goodwill store in Seattle about 10 years ago.  I washed it and unraveled it and basically ignored it.  I pulled it out yesterday and caked up most of the yarn.  There are a lot of knots, but more than enough yarn for a new sweater.  I haven’t picked a pattern yet.

I designed some socks inspired by the new Doctor’s costume in Doctor Who.  This is a ridiculous amount of yarn for a single pair of socks.  Her shirt has multicolored stripes so most of them were needed.  It is the first project in awhile that seems interesting, so I’m off to cast them on.