Sunday, December 1, 2019

A little bit every day...

...for 24 days.  I am doing two different advent KALs.

Doucet Winter socks uses little bits of leftovers and mini skeins.  The designer says that doucet is Middle English for sweet.

I started a second pattern when I found it on sale.  Walking into Winter is by Sivia Harding.  The KAL is being done by Must Stash.  They make the nicest self-striping yarns.  I am tempted into buying more all the time.  The yarn for the KAL is Hobbit Christmas which I like but I absolutely need to knit up some of what I have.  That’s why I chose Lykke, which might be Danish for happiness.  The pretty stripes do make me happy.

I am working on the second of three ghost sock patterns.  This one is Black Friday.  The KAL had some cool looking yarns from the Lucky Violet Color Co.  I managed to resist somehow and am using something from stash.

I have not been cured of giving in to yarn temptations, though.  I have been listening to podcasts lately.  I have been working my way through My Favorite Murder, a comedy true crime podcast.  I happened upon a yarn dyer who is doing a series of colorways based on some of the podcast’s catchphrases.  She is making a donation for each skein sold to an organization dedicated to reducing the backlog of untested rape kits.  Worthy charitable donation?  Connection to something fun?   It was a no brainer.  Santa is bringing me three skeins for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Done, sort of

There are a bunch of completed but not blocked projects piling up around here.

Vacillate is a shawl made from a Doctor Who themed kit.

She Blinded Me With Science is a salute to four female scientists.  That’s DNA’s double helix below the cuff and a jellyfish near the toe.

Jingle All the Way are elf feets with little silver bells.

Barnivore didn’t need blocking, yay!  That’s a cow and a pig in the barn’s mouth/door.

The second of three ghost sock patterns is coming up this weekend.  After that is an advent pair and a 12 days of Christmas pair.  Those will have me knitting a few rows daily for six weeks.  There should  be little chance of boredom or distraction this way.

Until those start, I am working on an embroidery kit.  I stashed it in a knitting basket and forgot about it for months.  

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Knit along, along, along...

Just when the works in progress pile started to shrink, I started in on a bunch of KALs.  Five days in a row had new clues appear.

Halloween in Space had two clues, which were enough to finish the socks.  I liked the yarn from Yarn Over New York.  I wasn’t fond of the pattern.  It was well written, but the textured stitches weren’t my favorite.  I would have done it in narrower stripes instead of the clue at a time blocks.  The lesson for me is to not commit to a project using advent-style mystery boxes until all boxes are open.

Griffin is one of a series of three sock patterns from J.L. Fleckenstein.  This one is Halloween theme and uses yarn from ancient stash.

The Great British Baking shawl has begun.  It is fun to see all the color variations, even among the people using the same collection of yarns.

Woolly Wormhead is doing a hat-along.  The first clue is the brim, so there’s not much to see yet.  I suspect that my yarn choice was a bit busy for what is to come.  I wanted to work from stash and there’s usually nothing solid or semisolid there.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Halloween in Space - Day One

The works in progress are beginning to pile up around here:

  • National Parks blanket is big enough to require a lot of space when I want to pull it and all the different colors out.  It gets set to one side frequently.  Much of the yarn came from Knitted Wit.
  • Vacillate is the Doctor Who shawl I started with some birthday yarn.  It is coming along well.  I am attempting to alternate it with other stuff.
  • Astrifiammante is a beaded lace scarf.  The pattern was created in memory of a woman on Ravelry who recently succumbed to cancer.  It is nearly half done.  I also did a pair of Bellybuttonknits socks in her honor.  She did a lot of great lace and sometimes also beaded sock patterns.
  • Peached are two knitted peaches that need blocking to be finished.
  • Jane and Hercule are pairs of socks that require blocking.  Someone has been watching a lot of Agatha Christie and had to do the socks.
  • Kodiak Bears are a pair of slippers I whipped up last night.  They require felting, so it might be  some time before that happens.
  • Halloween in Space is scheduled to start tomorrow. I cheated and opened the first box now.
    The pumpkin lights up and flickers as if it had a candle inside.  Looks like at least one sock toe will be sparkly purple and green.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

More projects

I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  I start one thing, get bored, and start another.  Then I get bored and start buying things.  I can be excused for the shopping trips because I wanted some fun things for my birthday (today, as it happens).  Here are the stories.

Must Stash is always tempting with their great colors of perfectly matched self striping sock yarns.  They also have collections that often beg to be purchased.  The latest one was a national parks themed one and That I had to have.
The dark green thing in back is a big canvas bag with straps so it can be used as a backpack.  The Must Stash bag is more of a sock project bag but a bit heavier and sturdier than it looks.  The yarn is Great Smoky Mountains colorway.  The other goodies are a GSM patch and park map, hand balm and wool wash bar, and lip balm.

I spotted a cool sweater pattern with birds on it that I liked.  Sizes went up beyond what I needed, so I got some nice soft Knit Picks Stroll to make it.

I have been going through Doctor Who withdrawal, so I ordered a shawl kit from Stunning String Studio

I got a kit from Yarn Over New York for their Halloween in Space Mystery Socks.  With a pattern name like that, I couldn’t resist.  The yarn came in six or seven little boxes, like yarn advent calendars.  I have not even peeked into the boxes.  The KAL starts next week.  I aim to behave and only open them when told to.

The last in this batch of things was more of a stash hunt than actual shopping.  I am a big fan of what’s called in the US the Great British Baking Show.  When I spotted a KAL for the Great British Baking Shawl, I knew I had to play.  It takes smallish amounts of a rainbow of colors.  I can’t imagine what the pattern will be like,

Friday, September 13, 2019

What’s new

Mostly I have been working on the throw/blankie made with all those national parks inspired yarns.  This is just a quick shot of a bit of it.  The whole thing looks better than this random bit.

I got a bunch done last weekend because I signed up for BritBox.  I binge watched all of Cold Feet and Shetland.  Nothing else is calling to me so the blankie is getting boring.  The last time it happened, I tried and failed at a couple of different hats.  I did finish Scare Isle.  It needs blocking.

Before that, I was reading a description of the Thirteenth Doctor’s socks.  I made a pair without a pattern.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dolores and more

I thought I posted my last Tour de Sock pair.  Here they are.  The toes are supposed to be that way.

Dolores needed a new pal since she didn’t have Jasmine the cat anymore.  I knit her a Harry.  He’s dressed for Poetry Appreciation night.  Dolores is dressed for Martini Appreciation night.  I liked the olive and martini glass pattern on her dress and tote.

My current project is a national park blanket/throw.  It has all the national park theme yarns in it.  It is a very long term project.