Friday, June 8, 2018

Stash Enhancement Saturday

It’s Friday as this is being entered, but the yarn arrived today so the post goes now.

Invictus sent Bring a Banana, complete with sparkles.  It will be used with Allons-y for one of the TDS pairs.  Whovians will understand why this is a good pairing.

Also from Invictus is Thirteen, also for Tour de Sock.

This is Farewell from Peggy Jane Fibers.  I saw it on a certain stash enabler’s blog coughTammycough.  Peggy Jane created it in honor of her mother who passed away from early onset Altzheimers.
I like the colors plus the story made me think of my dad, who had dementia at the end of his life.

When the yarn arrived, it reminded me of something that made me smile.  After his funeral, some flowers arrived that were clearly delivered in error.  The arrangement was perfect to congratulate parents on the birth of a baby girl.  The card was from people we didn’t know.  At a sad time, we had something to joke about.

Work in progress

I have been working on my Rose sweater from The Vintage Shetland Project while watching classic Doctor Who.  The sweater work came to a screeching halt when one of the colors ran out.  The good news is that I saw it coming and additional yarn should be here on Monday.  Thanks, WEBS.
Despite the fuzzy pic, you can see that 12 long rounds can’t be done with five inches of yarn.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tour de Sock yarn picking

The supplies list has been posted and I jumped right on it.  It was extra fun this time because each project has a nickname from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I managed to come up with all yarns that connect to Doctor Who in some way.
So I have the list in an extra location:

  • Arthur - MC Shut Up, CC Your Father Smelt of Elderberries 
  • Ford - Roll Credits
  • Trillian - Liberty and Yarn for All
  • Zaphod - Fantastic!
  • Marvin - Thirteen
  • Slartibartfast - MC Allons-y, CC Bring a Banana

Saturday, June 2, 2018

More of the same

It is almost to the point where the sleeves start.

Upcoming projects are:

  • The June Handmade Sock Society pattern.  It shows up on Monday.  I suspect that I will continue with the sweater first.
  • The Tour de Sock warmup sock pattern.  I was going to skip it, but it is short and looks like it has some interesting twists and turns.
  • Tour de Sock yarn selection.  I don’t expect to need yarn (looking at buckets of stash and snickering).  I do expect to buy some.  I like Invictus and Miss Babs best among the sponsors and am unable to resist the TdS discount codes.
  • Immediate project is the War on Fleas.  Poor cat is suffering and they are starting in on me.  Georgia fleas are the worst.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Knitting Lessons

I have learned a number of things while working on this sweater.

1.  If one is knitting the entire body of a sweater at once, use metal needles.  I started with wooden tips and one snapped.  The Addi Turbos I got as a replacement work much better.

2.  If one is doing a big project with many colors, ALL of the yarns must be of the same type from the same manufacturer.  The unintended texture may block out.  I hope so.

3.  If one uses colors as written, it might not be a good idea.  The sweater is from The Vintage Shetland Project.  I wanted to stay true to the vintage colors.  They aren’t exactly my favorites, though.  If I find myself in this position again, I will pick my own colors.

4.  I will use a different manufacturer’s yarn. I won’t identify where most of this came from.   If the reader has been visiting knitting social media recently, you know what it is.   People who want to be hateful can do it with someone else’s money.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Nothing’s Finished Friday

l have some new yarn.
This is Koigu.  It was an impulse buy.  I was checking Wool Watcher on Jimmy Beans Wool.  When I saw Koigu on sale, I promptly lost my mind.

This was a mostly deliberate purchase from Webs.
All but the blue multicolored in back are for a sweater.  It’s the Rose sweater from the Shetland book.  The blue multi is an Arne and Carlos that I just had to have.

Nothing is finished because all three projects are at a boring place.

Sock Arm Sleeves needs 5 more inches of knitknitknit before anything interesting happens.

Tipsy Toes Socks need about 4 more inches of knitknitknit before heel shaping starts.  I started these partly because I was tired of working on the sweater.  Have I mentioned that before?  Heeheehee.

I spent over an hour with the yarn winder to get everything ready for the Rose sweater.  That’s how much I wanted to avoid the other projects.  It had been started and it now needs about 2 inches of k1p1 before anything interesting happens.

Vacuuming is starting to sound really fun.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Finished Object Friday

I finished this weeks ago.  Per usual, I just got a picture of it.

I got the pillow form for this one and finished it up.

It uses a clever technique that was new to me.  It's called jacquard something, feeble brain can't come up with it at the moment.  Instead of wrapping the yarn around to create floats, you do something else.  You cast on an extra stitch for every 5 in the pattern.  If you were knitting a 100 stitch pattern, you'd cast on 120 stitches.  You follow the pattern for 5 stitches.  The 6th stitch is purled in whatever color is being carried and not worked at that point.  Then you do it again all the way across.  The purl stitches disappear on the right side.  On the back side, it looks like columns of knit stitches with plain bits of yarn connecting them.  The woman who designed this pattern said that commercial knitting is done in a similar way.

In the unfinished department, there's only the sweater I've been working on and off for months.  I've over halfway to the point where I get to do something other than knitknitknit.

In the stuff I'm planning, there's yarn on the way for a sweater.  I got Susan Crawford's new book on Shetland knitting.  I knit a hat from the book as a test of my fair isle skills.  The fair isle part came out pretty well, so I decided to give it a go.  I think it has a steek, though.  I'll think about that later.