Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday

I bounced around a lot of project this week.

  • 64 Colors afghan:  ran out of yarn with half of the last strip to go.  This is on hold until the yarn appears.

  • Van Gogh mini pillow:  started it, developed a counting problem, put it back down.  I picked it up later with a lot more success.

  • Doctor Who messenger bag:  decided I didn't like the fabrics I picked out for it.  It's on hold until I get an idea that I like better.

  • Russian dolls project bag:  decided I didn't want to work on it until I could have a sew-a-thon with it and the Doctor Who bag.

  • Curtain re-knit:  I found the leftover yarn but not the pattern which had stitch counts and things scrawled on it.  I misremembered the number of stitches that I cast on last time.  I put it back down until I feel like casting on all those stitches again.

  • Mystery afghan:  I made last week's squares.  I remembered to print out today's clue.  Progress!

  • Looks like I'm at least a week away from having anything done.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    Love Your Library - February prep

    February's book is American Sock Knitting by Beth Moriarty.  The book's divided up into five sections:  Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast.  Each section has a story about a historical location in the region.  It has a recipe inspired by the area.  And it has a sock patterns also inspired by the area.  The patterns are by a variety of designers.  I think I got the book originally to do the Jersey Turnpike socks by Heatherly Walker.  Maybe I'll do them later this year if I get stalled for ideas.

    I'm going to do Appalachian Trail (knit the socks, not walk the trail).  The yarn is the delightful Unicorn Rainbow Fight! from The Cyborg's Craft Room. 

    Sunday, January 25, 2015

    Spotted on Ravelry

    Doctor Ewe.

    I've been working on stuff but nothing's finished.  It looks like I use up a lot more yarn in the 64 Colors afghan than it calls for.  I ordered on more ball of Kureyon which should do the trick.

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015

    Stitch Along Wednesday

    Ooops!  The new pattern for the mystery knit along came out today and I don't have it yet.

    I worked on the Van Gogh mini cushion and I think got the mistakes fixed.

    I stopped working on it mainly because the yarn for the 64 Crayons afghan appeared.  Here's the first half.
    The colors are a little stronger in real life.

    The project bag fabric is sitting untouched with the fabric for the Doctor Who messenger bag.  They whisper, "Cut us out.  Cut us out".  I do not listen.  Many pretty balls of Noro are speaking louder at the moment.

    Adding to the queue will be a re-knit of the French door curtains.  Gravity has made them much too long.  They could both stand to be a little wider.  I'll start them when I figure out where I stashed the leftover yarn from the original project.  I had an idea of where that was, but I was wrong.  I think it is with the catnip cheeseburger I crocheted for my cat for Christmas.  Gone, baby, gone.

    Saturday, January 17, 2015

    Stash Saturday

    I got the Noro Kureyon for my 64 Colors throw:
    It's almost as good as being a little kid and getting a 64 color box of crayons.

    I aimed to misbehave and signed up for not one but two yarn clubs.  They alternate for six months.  One's Doctor Who and the other is Firefly.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    Stitch Along Wednesday

    1.  This week's afghan mystery squares.  The plan is to use solid greens in whatever shades I can find in my stash.  The other color should be a multicolor with pink or other flower colors.  I found a bunch of leftover Wisdom Poems yarn in a multi color so that one will appear for weeks to come.  So will the Avocado, since I had a couple of balls left over from the Kaffe Fassett afghan.

    2.  Van Gogh mini cushion cross stitch.  It needs a bit of frogging and recounting.

    3.  I want a Russian dolls project bag.  I knew I had some fabric and I managed to dig it out.  I think I'll combine it with the embroidered denim fabric.  I got a lot of it for not very much money when a fabric store closed.  It is about time at least a little bit of it was used up.

    I better get back to work and finish something up.  The yarn for my 64 Colors afghan will be here today or tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2015

    Love your Library - January edition

    My first book/pattern choice did not work out.  I decided to move on to a different book.  I chose Think Outside The Sox.  I saw a display of some of the socks at Stitches South several years ago.  I had to have the book to find out how the leopard print socks were made.  The book is a compilation of winning designs from a Knitter's Magazine contest.  There are a lot of excellent patterns in the book and I may start another one before the year is out.

    I decided to use the skein of Monet's Garden yarn.  This was best suited to a plain vanilla pattern.  I am unable to do a plain vanilla sock.  I have been known to fall asleep while knitting boring socks.  I chose Wandering Vines.  The vines would've shown up better with a plain solid color.  I am unable to knit a plain solid color unless there are other plain solid colors with it.  That's why I ended up with this.