Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I caught the new Hygge piece up so both are up to date.
It is odd the way the lower right corner on both of them curled up for the camera.  Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the diamond dividers are different on each piece.    I think they are both wrong, but they look okay so I'll continue doing them wrong the same way on each.
We got the embroidery instructions to day for getting the piece to the middle.  I suspect that the other half of the piece will be the same as the first half, going the other way.  I might risk going on from the midpoint.  It'll give me something to do until the next episode of my Yarnia adventure shows up.  This might be the same day as the April Knit from Stash sock pattern arrives.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Knit Show

I miss tv craft shows.  I especially miss Vickie Howell.  I found her entertaining.  Despite being a long-time knitter, I learned a lot.  I still think of her wearing a big Russian fur hat whenever I do a Russian join.

I spotted a tweet a little while ago that announced a Kickstarter campaign for an online knitting show.  I clicked right over and made a pledge.  Good luck, Vickie & company.  Hope to see you on a screen near me soon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Second part of the Yarnia adventure is done:

I started on Girls' Night In version of the Hygge shawl:
I like the colors better than the Jewel version.  The background color is more of a peachy pink and the pattern colors are a bit more intense than the photograph.  I had hoped that today's clue would involve embroidery.  Nope.  More freaking single crochet.  Guess what I'll be doing for the next week?

I don't intend to use either one as an actual shawl.  They'll probably be runners.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

Mad Geek Tour's Game is Afoot yarn for February is "Not Your Housekeeper".  Viewers of the Sherlock tv show may recognize this as a nod to Aston-Martin driving housekeeper Mrs. Hudson.

I don't know how enhancing it is, but it is in my stash now.  Handspun Funky Faerie:
Not in my stash since I'll start using it soon is my Girls' Night In kit:
I love the colors AND it came with chocolate.  Wool Warehouse shipped within a week from the UK again.  They also supplied a big organza project bag.  It is to blame for the somewhat fuzzy focus of the picture.  Jasmine the cat is right behind the bag and is attempting to bite it.  I like organza bags but unfortunately, so does Jasmine.  They are her favorite thing to chew on.  They also have ribbon drawstrings which are her second favorite thing to chew on.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hygge shawl Jewel - week 5 of 14 is not actually done.  Picture another (yawn) 49 rows of plain single crochet on the end of this.

Hygge shawl Girls' Night In - stalking the letter carrier for the kit.

Yarnia blanket - square 2 of 40:
I decided to do each square twice with different dice rolls for each.  This way I'll end up with more of a blanket.  I'll also do one square a week instead of one every two weeks.  Best of all, there will be much stash used up.

Jack of the Green mystery socks, clue 2:

I've also started back up on my cross stitch project.  I've got several cross stitch things in progress that have been collecting dust for ages.  I'm determined to either finish or trash them.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Works in progress (or soon to be in progress) are:
Hygge shawl Jewel - week 4 of 14  nearly done.  This is week 3:
Hygge shawl Girls' Night In- kit ordered this morning

Yarnia blanket - square 1 of 20:

Jack of the Green mystery socks:  clue 1 (cuffs) done.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Finished Object Friday

The only thing I actually finished this week are the Yin Yang Kitty Socks:

Previously completed were the February Knit From Stash socks.  They are Tabular:

and Alluvial:

I'm itching for the first Yarnia quest to be posted.  I could work on my March Knit From Stash socks, but I think the quest will be more fun.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Two things are actually in progress.  I have this week's clue for the Hygge shawl.  I started March's Knit From Stash socks yesterday:
There is a pattern but it is lost in the stripes.  I didn't expect the yarn to be self-striping.  I like the stripes and am not charmed by the pattern.  The socks will stay as they are.

The first Yarnia clue comes out on Friday.  I'm looking forward to starting the game.

I know I said I wasn't going to do any more mystery sock knitalongs.  I did spot one where the pattern was free and the best yarn I had for it was from another abandoned knitalong.  I am not going to do it for sure, but the pattern is in my library.

Pussyhats Everywhere

They've taken on a life of their own.  I spotted this Kittenhat on Ravelry:

This is the runway at Milan Fashion Week:
Beyond the meaning of the hats, I also liked what Missoni did with the ribbing.  She says, "Pink is the new black."