Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stash Enhancement Saturday

Mad Geek Tour's Game is Afoot yarn for February is "Not Your Housekeeper".  Viewers of the Sherlock tv show may recognize this as a nod to Aston-Martin driving housekeeper Mrs. Hudson.

I don't know how enhancing it is, but it is in my stash now.  Handspun Funky Faerie:
Not in my stash since I'll start using it soon is my Girls' Night In kit:
I love the colors AND it came with chocolate.  Wool Warehouse shipped within a week from the UK again.  They also supplied a big organza project bag.  It is to blame for the somewhat fuzzy focus of the picture.  Jasmine the cat is right behind the bag and is attempting to bite it.  I like organza bags but unfortunately, so does Jasmine.  They are her favorite thing to chew on.  They also have ribbon drawstrings which are her second favorite thing to chew on.

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