Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hygge shawl Jewel - week 5 of 14 is not actually done.  Picture another (yawn) 49 rows of plain single crochet on the end of this.

Hygge shawl Girls' Night In - stalking the letter carrier for the kit.

Yarnia blanket - square 2 of 40:
I decided to do each square twice with different dice rolls for each.  This way I'll end up with more of a blanket.  I'll also do one square a week instead of one every two weeks.  Best of all, there will be much stash used up.

Jack of the Green mystery socks, clue 2:

I've also started back up on my cross stitch project.  I've got several cross stitch things in progress that have been collecting dust for ages.  I'm determined to either finish or trash them.


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Lisa N. said...

Beautiful work! I love the socks and the detail.