Saturday, October 1, 2011

It was the computer this time

I'm getting better, but the motherboard on my antique computer gave out last week. I got my new computer yesterday. There have been some good surprises, such as how fast it is and how much better some things run. There have been some not so good surprises, such as my antique digital camera not being supported under Windows 7. There's a way around that, but I think I'm going to just replace the camera.

When I got back online after nearly a week, I found out that I won the Nerd Wars battle. It was that game where characters from various nerddoms battled each other in an imaginary tournament. River Song won (of course).

I have been knitting, but with no camera connection to the computer, there are no pictures. Yikes, with Nerd Wars tournament 3 starting today, I had best get on top of the camera situation right away. I finished the last two pair of Cookie A sock club socks plus the Knitters Brewing Company's Brige of Roses socks. Those are challenging and really cute. They've got a trellis pattern with a little bridge on each side. There are green "stems" on them and then you embroider little roses and rosebuds on them. Pictures coming as soon as I have a new camera.

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