Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'm back...

...but so far, my computer is not.  It isn't sure there's a hard drive.  Sigh.  In the meantime I am finally learning a thing or three about this iPad.  If the post is squirrelly it is because l haven't learned enough yet.

Tour de Sock is over.  I don't know my numerical finish yet.  I finished 5 of the six socks.  The last one was a total nightmare.  The fastest person took over two days to complete them.  If that sounds fast, the same person could usually do a pair in 12 hours or so.  Only 36 people finished by the end.  It was colorwork with a very particular way of handling the floats.  You couldn't work more than 3 stitches before having to change colors, making a stitch, or knitting two together using a specific color.  Basically you had to keep track of colors on both the inside and outside of the sock.  I admire everyone who finished.

Yarnia Blanket is up to date.  I'm reasonably sure it can be finished from stash.

Stash has been enhanced a little bit.  I got two color ways from Witch Candy.  They are Circus Act and Liberty and Yarn for All.  No pictures yet because I haven't worked out how to do it from here yet.

I started some socks after giving up on the Tour.  Shark Bite is done.  I tried two slightly different ways of doing the colorwork.  One came out better than the other so I know what not to do next time.
Shark Bite II is almost done.

I'm a fan of Hunter Hammersen so I got a copy of the new version of Silk Road Socks when it came out.  The designs are inspired by Oriental rugs.  I'm most of the way through a pair using yarn called Stars Hollow.

Coming soon:  a mystery shawl knitalong using a whole bunch of little leftovers.  Also,maybe a few pictures if I work out how.

ETA:  no luck with the pictures.  However, I was able to add them to my Ravelry stash with no problem at ALL.    Rav even knew I was uploading from an iPad.  Casey is my hero.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

So I have SHark Bite and SHark Bite 2, but haven't started them...I want to make a shawl with the Witch Candy Liberty yarn...I'm just in love with the color....sorry to hear about your troubles.