Saturday, October 7, 2017

Still knitting

...but obviously not posting much.  The good news is that a pretty shiny new laptop is on the way.  A couple of weeks and I will be back to semi-normal here.

Skacel, the people who brought us Addi Turbo needles, has something new that I can't wait to try.  They are called addi FlexiFlips.  Imagine a cross between a dpn and a circular needle.  You put half of your stitches on one needle, half on a second, and you knit with the third.  I can't get a link to the exact page, but you can find them at

I got a new ball winder recently.  If they make yarn cakes, why don't the call them cake winders?  Anyway, I am happy with it.  I was using a used Royal which was a guaranteed to tangle and was a total nightmare.  I can see why the person sold it.  The new one is by Stanwood Needlecraft and I got it from Amazon.  It is much sturdier and will handle bigger skeins and thicker yarns.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Welcome back...I've missed you....