Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Finished Objects

Shark  Bite Socks:
Shark Bite II socks:
I went on a bit of a binge when I got my copy of Silk Road Socks.  They all have nice lace patterns which don't always show up because I just had to use yarn that doesn't show them off.  The slipper pattern was modified to fit my puffy feet.

Slouchy Beanie was a pattern I got for donating to The Knit Show.  I haven't seen the episodes yet, but they should show up great on the new computer.
Dancing Skeleton Socks were done for the season and because they had a fun combination of colorwork and lace:
I did a mystery shawl knitalong, designed to use up little bits of leftovers.  It obviously isn't blocked, but it was fun to do.  Hope it is visible on that quilt:
Finally, I got my Harley sweater done.  It wants blocking too:
The neckband had a braid all the way around it.  The sleeves have the same braid.  The places where the sleeves join the body have cables and the cables continue down the sides.  The cuffs and bottom edge have the same cables too.  Perhaps I'll give another try at a picture when it is blocked.

Nap time.

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Lots of great finished projects