Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I spun all of the Phat Fiber samples into a single ball.  I thought that plying them together would result in mud.  I didn't feel like spinning something to ply with them.  I decided that I would use them with some DK to end up with something worsted-ish weight to use with the Yarnia squares.  Here's the first one:
The whole thing is a knit from stash project so it works okay for me.

I started a shawl knitalong.  I know, the perfect thing to do when I drop everything for Tour de Sock every few days.  It has a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme, so I had to do it.  I even have a project bag for it.  Also, it reduces my stash.  I bought a Lace Ball (laceweight version of Zauberball Crazy) by accident last year and really ought to use it up.  It looks pretty tame now, but I'm only 30 rounds in:
We get another clue tomorrow. 

On Friday there's a new Yarnia square AND a new Tour de Sock project.  I won't be around until the TdS is done and that might be some time.  The clue we got reminded me of the two previous  TdS projects I gave up on because of spectacularly difficult construction.

Here's what I would've posted on Saturday:
It is called Land of Submarines and I love it.  It is the second in Must Stash's Beatlemania series.  The paper in the background is a coloring page for creating your own colorway.  I'm going to save it and maybe use it for an embroidery project.

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