Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doctor Who 50 Project

It's done, with two days to go. The goal was to complete one Who-themed project for each Doctor in the year before 11/23/13.
  1. Flesh and Stone socks using Who-themed mini skeins.
  2. Tardis mitts
  3. Dalek shawl
  4. Bigger on the Inside shawl
  5. Bowties are Cool mittens
  6. Insulate! hat
  7. Show Me the Stars socks
  8. Tardis Afghan (started in 2012 but finished this year)
  9. Socks using Medusa Cascade colorway
  10. Reverse Polarity socks using Vincent and the Doctor colorway
  11. Silence socks
  12. Dalekanium socks (not pictured)

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