Sunday, November 18, 2007

Look, shiny!

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I finished one of the Banana Blossom socks. It looks good. The fit is terrible. The foot's too long and the leg part needs to be shorter. I didn't have the heart to do the waltz with Sir Frogsalot, so I just didn't knit at all.

Instead, I picked up this little packet some nice person sent to me as part of a swap. It was a bit of purple roving, a bit of turquoise roving, and some Angelina fibers. She knew I was learning to spin so she sent it to me to play with. So I did. I freely admit that I don't know what I'm doing with that drop spindle. It is quite possible I've been using it upside down. Even someone unfamiliar with spinning can see that it has WAY too much twist in it. You wouldn't belive how much it stretches out. I am getting better, though. The thickness is much more consistent than it has been and there are practically no slubs in it at all.

It's darker than what shows on my screen and the Angelina sparkles in it. Dunno what I'll do with it, except maybe play with it and pet it. See? I made it all by myself.

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