Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mostly waiting week

Sock Wars: I haven't knit anything in two weeks. My new ammo was sent to California, possibly deliberately, and I've been waiting for it to arrive. I'm hoping it'll be today, but I'm not counting on it. I don't know if my new target has figured out that I'm her assassin. She's waiting for ammo also. My new assassin doesn't yet know I'm her target. I have no idea who has her ammo. All of this confusion seems to be the case for the majority of the the remaining players. We're down to 25% of the original number. I'm keeping something I call a guess list. I'm predicting that we will go to the Kill the Monkey round on December 1. I'm also predicting that I won't quite make it to that round. The best I can do between now and then will put me shooting at Australian targets. I'm likely to be taken out by US assassins, even slow-knitting ones, while waiting for the mail.

Swaps: I've sent the two that are currently in progress and am waiting patiently for stuff to come back. I've got two new things in progress, but neither is specifically knit-related.

WIP: I'm crocheting another Dalek. It's made from sport-weight wool. It is not as small as I'd like it to be, so I'm thinking about felting it. I'm stalled on the Lenore foot. I get bored with the foot part of nearly any sock.

I've been doing what I call a Ravelry sock. It's got the yarn ball logo on each side and the word ravelry on sole of the foot. I have two problems with it. I started out using the graph that's posted on Ravelry. The yarn ball part of the graph is too big for what I want to do with it. With the help of a program I've got for Animal Crossing designs, I made a new graph. I'm not totally happy with how it came out. The graph needs tweaking. The sock needs frogging and re-knitting. The other problem is yarn. I promised myself that I'd only use yarn I already had. Trying to match weight, fiber content, and needed colors has been a challenge. I considered dyeing some of the white yarn. However, the color(s) I need are red, which I've yet to dye successfully.

Sigh. Maybe I'll go clean the house.


Melissa said...


I know it doesn't easy your annoyance at waiting, but I wanted to let you know that due to a small financial difficulty (a paypal subscription posted to my account early) the shipping of your HSKS3 package is sadly being delayed until I get paid on Friday. Dratted Owls simply cost too much! I'm sorry for the hold up, but it will be winging its way to you soon!


Paula said...

Melissa, I'm not annoyed, really! I've been out of works for months so I can sympathize on the financial difficulty situation. You've been great about keeping me up to date. You're a great swap partner.