Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Update

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I made two more Daleks. One is part of a swap and the other I am going to felt.

These are the tops of a pair of mystery socks. I think I've finally got them big enough. It should be just a few days until the next clue.

I'm about to start up again on the Lenore foot. I'm a little bit nervous, because I took it off the needles when I was trying to find the right size needles for the mystery socks. I am not totally sure I put them back on the right size. I imagine in an inch or so it should be obvious.

Today's projects involve sewing: a couple of catnip mice and take 2 on the eyeglasses organizer I keep meaning to get done and other things keep distracting me. (Sorry, Dad, you'll have it soon).

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