Friday, November 9, 2007

Purple funk

I'm already tired of working on the purple project. It's all knitting. I have to get it done so I can felt it and get it into the mail by the middle of next week. My head hurts, I don't wanna work on it. ::stomping feet and sulking::

Last night I switched over to working the next clue on the November Mystery Sock. I knit and frogged, knit and frogged, and still didn't want to go back to the purple project. Fortunately, someone posted their project on a blog. I could see what the thing is supposed to look like. I'll make myself knit a few more inches of purple and reward myself with another frog and reknit.

No new Sock Wars ammo yet. I'm beginning to think that it's gotten lost.


Gill said...

I'm really impressed by your sock wars progress. I was out in the first round last time.

Paula said...

I was literally the second person out in the first Sock Wars. It is much more interesting to get farther.