Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sock Stash

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I'm stalled on the Lenore socks. I've decided I need yarn of all one kind to do the Ravelry sock. I'm almost done with the mini Dalek, but I didn't note where I stopped on the pattern. It will require counting and thinking and I'm in no mood for it. I saw a mystery sock pattern on Ravelry yesterday and decided that I must start it immediately.

The mystery sock requires a solid or almost completely solid yarn. I didn't think I had any. I started digging through the pictured box and discovered I was wrong. I found a whole 100 gram ball of blue sock yarn in this mess. I can't tell you where or when or why I bought it. It is really plain boring yarn. I did cast on and did almost one row. I was counting wrong which requires careful frogging. I was in no mood for careful frogging, so I put it down.

Today I think I'm in the mood to tackle this mess. The majority of it is little bits left from various socks. I have a pattern that will use up some of those bits. I'm going to get the ball winder out and make a bunch of tidy little cakes out of them. The big stuff will be photographed and added to my stash on Ravelry. Next time I need to find some yarn, I can look there first.

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