Friday, November 2, 2007

Paula's 2008 Sock Club

Paula's 2008 Sock Club
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Rather than ask Santa to sign me up for the Rockin Sock Club, I've chosen to do a DIY sock club. I cleaned out a lidded bucket that cat litter comes in and filled it with a dozen projects. Much of the yarn's been posted here at one time or another: one of a kind hand dyed, a couple of big company yarns in colors I liked, and yarns from smaller companies. I had no trouble coming up with a dozen patterns I wanted to try. Some of the bags have an actual pattern, others have a card in them with the book and page number. All of the books are on a shelf together where I will be able to find them. (Hey, stop laughing!)

It was well worth the effort to do this. I found some yarn I'd forgotten I had. I still have plenty of sock yarn to use if I just have to start a sock at some random time.

I also found that ball of glow-in-the-dark yarn I wanted to use for something two months ago. It was in the bottom of a bin filled with wool. Why? I was probably cleaning up and tossed it in there.

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