Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sock Wars: final rant

Back in January, I posted some thoughts about what I thought might change about Sock Wars this time. One of the thought was that communication and organization would have to improve. I never thought it would get worse, but it has.

We all should've had our dossiers about 21 hours ago. This is the information that tells you what size socks to knit and where the socks are to be shipped when complete. I am one of dozens of players who do not have this information. If I had this information, my socks could've been shipped out when the post office was open this morning. Instead, I have two partially knit socks and an attitude problem.

My attitude would be much improved if only somebody could have posted something, anything, about this situation. I would've been satisfied with "We're aware of the problem but don't have a solution yet".

If I get a target, I'll finish the socks and send them on. I won't knock myself out getting them done and in the mail.

If I don't get a target, I really don't much care any more. If Sock Wars occurs again, I won't be playing.

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