Friday, February 29, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Swap arrives!

When I saw a Priority Mail box perched on my mailbox, I knew I was in for a treat. I opened the box and it was full of brightly wrapped and tagged packages.

Here are the scavenger hunt categories:

  • Local: Texana Coffee: "A toasted pecan flavor with a hint of smooth vanilla caramel". The flavor sounds perfect. The beans smell really good.
  • Round: Stitch markers. Frieda says "as suggested in Cat Bordhi's book". Since I intend to get her new book, these will be great for trying out her techniques.
  • Hard: Darning needle case. It's a beautiful hardwood case on a key ring. My darning needles currently live in a cracked plastic pill bottle.
  • Green: Frieda-made project bag. This is really nicely done and definitely a step up from my quicky bags. Pretty print, too.
  • T: Tasty treats. Oh, yeah. Ghiradelli Squares in 60% cacao dark chocolate with caramel inside. This is the San Francisco treat, not Rice-a-Roni.
  • Funny: Fabric with knitting chickens. This is a riot. I love whimsical fabrics, especially knitting-related ones. I'd not seen this before. I'm going to scan one of the chickens and make it into an icon, probably for Flickr. Frieda also sent a coordinating blue/gray fabric. You know it's going to be another project bag.
  • Yummy yarn: Yarn Pirate "Solstice" sock yarn. Oooh, it's biffle. Isn't that what Lime&Violet call Bluefaced Leicester? I've been wanting to try it. The colorway is great: dark blue to denim-y blues to lavender.
  • Extra: KnitPicks "Bare" for dyeing: There were only seven categories. I got this because Frieda though I'd like to dye it. I just dyed my last skein of Bare last week and expected it to be a while before I could even think about getting any more.

Thanks, Frieda, for a lovely treat. Thanks, Carly, for coordinating such a fun swap. I'm determined to play in the next one, too

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some coffee to brew.


Frieda said...

That coffee really is my favorite. I order a case at a time. I am always sharing it with my friends. I am glad you like everything and I had fun finding things for you.

Too Little Time said...

Way cool chicken fabric! - Karrie