Monday, March 3, 2008

Project Bag Karrie style

Originally uploaded by Paula knits
My Scavenger Hunt Swap pals are responsible for me making yet another sock project tote. Karrie substituted a round bottom for the bag for the square one I did. I used the funny knitting chicken fabric that Frieda sent me to make it. The hardest part about it was finding something 8" in diameter to trace.

I added the variation to the bag instructions.


kasiaiscarly said...

I seriously adore the knitting chickens!

Too Little Time said...

Too Cool Chickens - I thank you again for putting the pattern on your site -- have been telling everyone about how cool they are. After tomarrow I have a bunch of days off and I'm hoping to get more made. Found some of the "locks" on e-bay as I was tired of buying them 2 at a time from Walmart. 60 locks, now for the bags =) Karrie

Paula said...

Sixty sounded like a lot of cord stops, but then I went to eBay to check out the prices. Guess who just ordered 50?

Thanks for sharing your round variation. I knew if I posted what I had, people would come up with improvements and enhancements.

Too Little Time said...

You made me laugh!!!!! Cheers - K

Marti said...

Hi there! Any idea where I could get my hands on this fabric? I have a fat quarter that a friend sent me, but I'd love to get some more.

Paula said...

I did a little googling and discovered that the fabric. HenriKnitta, is made by Timeless Treasures. I found it and a version with a blue background at Look under Chicken Fabrics.