Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cheap entertainment for sock knitters

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I wanted some clear shoes. Clogs would be good. High-top sneakers would be cute. The ones I've seen are too much for me to consider spending right now. I read someplace that Target had clear Mary Janes that weren't too much. I checked out their website. Yes, they had them for $8.99.

Since the closest store to my house is a SuperTarget, I decided to go there. Lookie what I found: clear Mary Janes on sale for $6.28! And they have glitter suspended in the vinyl. I don't even mind the checkout person commenting that they'd really show dirt easily. Gee whiz, they'd be so easy to clean off if they got dirty. ::rolling eyes::

I'm attempting to end this fraking dance marathon with Sir Frogsalot. I'm 3/4 done with a pair of Entrelac Socks that I'm knitting with some Noro sock yarn. Did I post about this already? Where am I? What planet is this? I like being able to post directly from Flickr where my pictures live, but it is disorienting sometimes.

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