Thursday, February 7, 2008

Battle Prep

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I'm prepared for Hat Attack, which begins on Saturday. There are dpns and a cable needle. I got gauge with them and the blue/yellow yarn. If I get a wool-allergic target, I'll substitute the Red Heart for the wool. I've got a prepaid mailer and I know where I can mail for first pickup on Monday. I've got a First Aid Kit to send to my target (it contains crime scene tape bandaids, a packet of Advil, and a nice bar of chocolate). The little zombie has it's own needles and yarn and the button of the Zombie Scarf Knitalong. Some people from Hat Attack will be doing that once they've been removed from competition.

I expect to be able to finish the hat before Monday. I don't think anyone can get a hat to me before then. There's no one on the list that's within reasonable driving distance to hand over a hat. Besides, my town isn't the easiest place to find, let alone my house.

To do: check gauge on the Red Heart. Find where I stashed the stamp for the prepaid mailer. Pull out a bunch of DVDs to watch. Head over to Ravelry to taunt the poor knitters who have never done cables before.

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