Friday, February 1, 2008

R.I.P. Momma Monkey

Gigi Silva, aka Momma Monkey of Socktopia, passed away over the weekend. Sock knitters may know her gorgeous patterns. My sympathies go out to her family. I'd been looking forward to her getting well and reappearing on the Internet knitting scene. You've gone too soon, Momma Monkey. Thanks for your lovely designs and your generosity in sharing them with us.

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Paula said...

I was wondering why a year-old post on this blog was suddenly getting a bunch of attention. I happened to read a Ravelry forum post with a link in it that gave me a clue. There were hundreds of posts that I didn't read, but it seems to boil down to one thing: Momma Monkey may or may not actually be dead. In either case, I hope everybody will just back off. If you want drama, go see whatever the latest dirt Nancy Grace has on Casey Anthony.