Saturday, February 9, 2008

That was fun

Originally uploaded by Paula knits
This is my Hat Attack hat. USPS has it and I expect it'll be in Chicago on Tuesday. The pattern's called Binary Cable Hat. It has the number from 0 to 15 in binary as represented by the cable crosses. How fun is that? There's a variation to add Fibonacci stripes so I'm going to dig up some more yarn and try it.

I left the Clown Barf pompom off on purpose. It was enough to just threaten to put it on. I hope my target enjoys the hat. It was fun to knit.


Arctic Knitter said...

Binary & Fibonacci sequence in a knitting pattern? OMG - I MUST knit that now! As a math & science teacher that is right up my alley - my students will certainly think I'm nuts now! Thanks! :0)

Paula said...

When the pattern's released for general consumption, it's supposed to have cables that count to 32 in binary. Looks like I'm going to have to knit it yet again.

pecan said...

Your hat is very pretty. Cables, I think I am jealous.
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