Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt, unwrapped

Since Karrie, my downstream partner in this swap has her stuff, here's what I picked:

  • Something round: Lindor truffles
  • Something local: A sock project bag I made myself
  • Something green: A chocolate frog, wrapped in green foil
  • Something smooshy: The pick-your-own category. Dream in Color Smooshy yarn
  • Something hard: Double-pointed knitting needles
  • Something related to the letter T: It's a tape measure shaped like a sheep*. You pull the sheep's tail to get the tape to come out.
  • Something funny: You want fries with that? stitch markers (also home made).

*Note to the person who sent me a tape measure just like this one. This is a totally different tape measure. I liked mine so much that when I saw this in a LYS, I had to get it for this swap.


kasiaiscarly said...

ooh, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous. that is a great package, can't wait to see karrie post it too so i can see that project bag up close!

pecan said...

Hi Paula,
Do you like flavored coffees, whole bean or ground? I have a couple of things still to get and this package will be winging its way to you.
Scavenger Pal

Paula said...

Hi Pecan Pal,
I do like flavored coffees. I've got a coffee grinder, so either whole or ground works for me.