Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stash-only February

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It is stash-only February on Paula's Planet. No new yarn. No new patterns. Here is why:
1. BFF by Cookie A, in Plymouth Sockotta. One down, one to go.

2. Rocket Yarn, in color Retrograde. No plans for this yet.

3. Yarn Pirate, in color Kalamata (under the Rocket Yarn.) No plans for this yet.

4. Two balls of Koigu. No plans for them yet.

5. Fearless Fibers in Amethyst Pink (under the Koigu). Probably for the February Sockamania socks.

6. Two pompoms in the colorway someone on Ravelry calls Clown Barf. They are for Hat Attack. The yarn for that isn't pictured here.

7. Tofutsies. I thought I'd knit something with it before Sock Wars to get used to the yarn.

8. Lime & Violet in Veronica Lake. No plans for this yet.

9. Two balls of Patons Kroy Socks in Hickory (under the Lime & Violet). No plans for this yet.

10. Dream in Color Smooshy in Pansy Golightly. This is for the Momma Monkey memorial socks, using her pattern Kaylee.

11. The Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes in Beach Sunset. No plans for this yet.

12. Recycled sari silk yarn. I'm thinking of designing a journal bag using this yarn.

13. Socks That Rock mediumweight in Bella Coola. It's for the last 2007 club pattern.

14. One of several sock totes. This one is waiting for me to make the cheeseburger and fries stitch markers I've mentally designed.

Not shown: my choice for this month's Paula's Planet Sock Club and the Ravelry socks I'm inventing.

The pattern situation is just as bad. I'm planning on doing Bayerische by Eunny Jang for one challenge. There's another challenge I've been tempted to sign up for that's going to use laceweight for socks. That'll be no problem, I've got a skein that I can dye. I'm going to dye some yarn for a swap so I can just do that at the same time.

What time? Am I crazy??

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