Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scavenger Hunt, week 2

I'm not sure if I have to post about this swap specifically every week, but I'm going to do it just in case that's true. I'm losing my mind, did I post about this already? I got something funny, green, and relating to T a few days ago. I think it'll go in the funny category. I had something for Funny, but I'm almost positive that the person I'm sending to already has it. Too bad, I'll have to keep it for myself. :)

The only thing I have left to find is Local. Since we've been asked to not send our packages out before the middle of February, I've got time to work on that. I did get one thing but I don't like it enough to send it. The fiber-related categories are all covered, so I could pick just about anything.


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kasiaiscarly said...

hi there! you don't have to post about the swap specifically :) the 'one post a week' rule is just so people don't drop out into oblivion after they post their questionnaire. so as long as your blogging about something, you are A-OK!