Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More idle speculation and a confession

Sock Wars: the Yahoo list appears to be taking on new members, but no new posts. Could it be that someone with some power got fed up with an email box full of b*tch*ng and moaning? Whatever the reason, I applaud the change. If it's going to announcements only, that should make that location okay for War stuff. My poking around the web on this topic turned up one piece of information I didn't have. The original blog that many of the first War people got their information from had to be abandoned due to the blog being hijacked. That's why a bunch of original warriors in SWI didn't play in SWII.

I missed a second picture in Project365. Day20 was taken, but it's on my brother's camera so I may get it before the project is up. Day22 was cropped out of Day21. Day72, yesterday, was missed completely. It should be of the receipts I have for having my car worked on. I was distracted by the sudden increase to my credit card balance. Who knew front brakes could wear out in 16,000 miles?

I did work on my Baudelaire socks while waiting for the car to be fixed. I should never have used the yarn I did, but I'm not frogging them. The yarn's just too variegated for the pattern to show up well. See?

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