Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Scavenger Hunt has Begun

I got the name of my partner for the Knitter Scavenger Hunt. I've also heard from the person who has my name. [Thanks for asking, Pecan Nut. As long as I get some new yarn out of this swap, I'll be really happy.] We have to scavenge up seven things. Four must be fiber-related and one of these must be yarn. The categories are:

  • Something local: I have a couple of possibilites for this.
  • Something round: Nothing yet, although some things could change categories.
  • Something green: Nothing yet, but I have an idea.
  • Something related to the letter T: I know what I want for this one, but it could change categories too.
  • Something funny: I have something fun on order. I hope it counts as funny.
  • Something hard: I have a possibility for this.
  • Wildcard category: The category I've chosen is Something smooshy. Clever sock yarn fanatics will be able to figure this out.

Yes, I was naughty and ordered myself some sock yarn at the same time as I ordered my partner's yarn. My excuse is that I've not used this particular kind before. I need to know that it's as nice as people say before I send it on. Yeah, that's the ticket.

1 comment:

kasiaiscarly said...

oooh, you have one lucky partner with that spoilers choice category!