Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sock bags

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Julie, fearless leader of Sock Wars, has opened a Cafe Press store. It has Sock Wars merchandise. Profits go into the war chest for Sock Wars III. That's how I justified buying it. Heh heh.

I've got a bunch of sock projects queued up. I would like to have them all organized in their own little bag, so I'm about to make some project bags. The one I got from Melissa in HSKS3 is very handy so I thought I'd make them about the same size. Then I started digging in the fabric stash.

My yarn stash is relatively small. My fabric stash is not. A fat quarter here, a fat quarter there, a yard of something I really like: after a while, it adds up. My original intention was to make a bag or two. I kept coming up with fabrics that looked so cute together that I have to use them. Even while trying to control myself, I've got enough for 5 or 10 bags.

I'm also going to finally finish my Knitting Olympics button bag. It's got many (hundreds) of web buttons printed out onto muslin. I've just got to go back through the fabric stash to pick a lining. I was going to use 'Knitmare on Elm Street', but it needs to be something where it is the outside of a bag. Maybe I'll make sock bags out of it to send to victims in the next Sock War.

It's no wonder I'm not getting much done.

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