Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sock challenges and clubs

  • Sockamania-I'm not playing for January. There's no way the socks will fit my legs. They're too long and will not be wide enough.
  • Sock Knitters Anonymous-I just frogged the mystery sock. The leg was okay but the foot was coming out huge. I'm switiching to Cookie A's Baudelaire. With a slightly shorter leg, these should work.
  • Rockin Sock Club-December 2007. The yarn and pattern and the ball winder are sitting in a little pile. The pile's sitting next to my sewing machine. Did I mention that I hadn't started the sock bags yet, either? I have an excuse: I still need some supplies that I don't yet have.
  • Paula's Sock Club 2008-I looked through my personal sock club stash and packed it all up again. I've got other things I want to work on first (Baudelaire, the RSC for December, Ravelry socks I'm inventing, and two different kinds of yarn I spun with my own likkle paws). It's a good thing I didn't sign up for another year of RSC.
  • Yarn Pirate-I signed up for this, but can cancel my subscription whenever if I need to. Yarn's not expected for a while, thank goodness.

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