Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm knitting a hat

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I got all of this stuff this week. There are four hanks of sock weight yarn to dye. The dark purple is Dream in Color Smooshy, the lighter next to it is Lime & Violet Veronica Lake, and the stuff on the end is this month's Yarn Pirate (name starts with a K and I can't remember it). The green stuff is pencil roving. The thing with the Ravelry yarn ball on it is a rough draft of some socks. With all these lovely toys, I'm not knitting socks, dyeing yarn, or spinning yarn.

I did finish a couple more sock knitting totes. There are a lot of people selling similar things, so I've decided not to do that. The totes I'm doing can be done so quickly that I'm planning on posting the pattern. I won't be working on that right away, though. I've got to make over 100 cat toys next week.

Tonight I'm going to go pop in the Battlestar Galactica DVD that Netflix sent and work on Shedir (pattern's at It'll probably be the only time I'll have for a warmup to Knit Attack.

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