Sunday, November 30, 2008

I finished something

With this post, I finish NaBloPoMo for 2008. That might not seem like much, but it's not been a good year for finishing things. Here are some things that have not been finished so far in 2008:

  • Adventure Socks. I was going to design a couple of socks for a possible computer game related knitalong. These were to be based on a maze in the ancient computer game Adventure.
  • Lovely Socks. These were going to be for the same KAL. They were to be based on the Lovely Furniture series in Animal Crossing.
  • Leaf Socks. Same KAL, same game. The leaf looks like your basic leaf with a little circle missing from one edge. I did work on this, but had no success.
  • Fruity Oaty Girls. If you're a Browncoat, these need no explanation. If you're not, these need too much explanation. They were to be little knit dolls. I was going to Kool-Aid dye the yarn for them. The packets of Kool-Aid are in a pile on my worktable, as they have been for months.
  • Godzilla. This is the one from Knitted Icons. I got partway through him and decided that the spiny ridge up his back made him look more like a T-Rex than an actual Godzilla.
  • Able Sisters knit hat collection. I spend entirely too much time playing Animal Crossing. The Able Sisters are dressmaking porcupines who also sell accessories. I've been wanting to do real life versions of their knit hats for fun. I'm thinking of doing them doll sized.

This isn't all, just the stuff on the top of the pile. My Hibernating list on Ravelry is growing all the time. My goal right now is to finish spinning that batt. The new house rule is that no new project can be started until one old one is done. Check back for next year's NaBloPoMo and maybe I'll have some finished things to share.

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