Saturday, November 21, 2009

R is for Recycled Yarn

I was thinking about recycled sari silk again today. Am I being picky, thinking that it isn't actually recycled? I did a little research, and have decided that I should not be complaining about the recycled label. It's actually correct.

Recycled yarn is yarn that was once used for something else.

  • Recycled sari silk started out as part of the sari weaving process: recycled yarn.
  • Cotton and Ecospun started out as cotton yarn and plastic soft drink bottles: recycled yarn.
  • A sweater purchased at Goodwill and unraveled: recycled yarn.

If it is yarn and not trash, it sounds good to me.


Sarah said...

I love recycled yarn, especially of the thrift store variety. But re-spun yarn is awesome, too. I've never used sari silk, but it does seem like a good was to make something out of a "waste" product.

Happy ICLW!

Paula said...

A lot of people whine about the recycled sari silk, but I like it. It is silk, so how could that be bad?

madalyn said...

Yeah, I've heard a lot of people complain about how hard it is to knit with the recycled sari silk yarn. I have two skeins at home that I'm still trying to figure out what to do with. But, I figure the colors are beautiful, it's silk, and it's recycled -- what's to complain about?

Paula said...

I knit the Unbiased Bag with some of my recycled sari silk. I'm considering redoing it and changing the shape a little bit (deeper and not quite as wide). I'm also thinking about doing what I call a journal bag. It would be similar to a messenger bag only about half as wide. I don't think I'd make clothing with the stuff I've got. I think that there is recycled sari silk out there that you could make clothing from.