Monday, November 16, 2009

N is for Nostepinne

I've seen pictures of nostepinnes before, but had no idea what they were for. My curiosity got the better of me, and I went and looked it up. A nostepinne is a Norwegian ball winding tool. You use it to make a center pull ball out of a hank of yarn.

I'm going to file this one right next to stitch markers under Attractive Tools That I Don't Need. I have one of those ball winders with a crank that you turn that does the same thing. A hand-turned piece of wood is much more appealing than a mostly plastic ball winder, but the ball winder's faster and more fun for me.

Have I done my rant on stitch markers? I use the little plastic rings that come with my electric toothbrush heads. They come in four colors, I get a new one every month, they are lightweight, they fit all of the needles I regularly use, and they don't snag anything. Some of the fancy ones can be tempting. I love WeeOnes, though I think I'd just line them up and look at them instead of use them. Some of them have a special purpose, such as the set someone gave me that go with a new sock knitting technique. Most of them are not practical because they have so many thing that the yarn can catch on. If I can get just one stitch marker maker to use something other than split rings in his/her markers, it will have been worth boring anybody else who slogged through the rant.

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