Thursday, November 12, 2009

Possible Projects

I'm taking a time out from the alpha blogging to make a project list. If I put it here, then it won't be written down in 17 different places or bouncing around in my brain. Note to self: Ravelympics is Feb 12-28. Plan accordingly.

  • Hoodie Vest from green yarn-have all supplies except maybe needles
  • Selbu socks-have the supplies, need to choose the patterns
  • Ravelsocks-find the graph, check for supplies
  • Eiffel Tower top from the UFO bin
  • Imagine sweater-different yarn?
  • Jelly Bums patterns
  • finish Cookie sock
  • Journal bag from recycled sari silk
  • Chocolate box
  • Nesting dolls
  • Reconstruct Christmas sock pattern
  • Next year's zodiac amigurumi
  • Lucky Cat amigurumi
  • Hello Kitty amigurumi
  • Chicken or the Egg pattern
  • Wool eater blanket (find where you stashed the koigu)
  • Car charms
  • Fruity Oaty girls
  • Able Sisters hats
  • Sock themes: Adventure, AC Lovely

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