Monday, November 30, 2009


In honor of International Comment Leaving Week, I visited some new-to-me blogs. I didn't make it through the whole week, but did find a few things to share. They don't all have anything to do with fibers, but the point was to comment on things in blogs not like one's own.

Kathryn Alexander has an amazing color sense and some unique ideas with patterns. There are 32 colors in the DooDad Scarf and maybe that many shapes. My apologies to the person whose blog had this link. I neglected to make a note of it.

Unravel Me had an idea I'm swiping: Ten Things Tuesday. You post a list of ten things. On Tuesday. I'm better at coming up with lists than I am at writing fascinating blog entries, so this is a Good Thing.

If you want to make a blog entry that looks like a Post-It Note, visit Superstickies. I saw these on several different blogs.

Dame Emma's blog has shown me the way to Abeego. If you feel guilty every time you use plastic wrap, this will help.

Ta Da! For the third year running, I've completed NaBloPoMo.

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