Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sock Wars, Day 5

My target's dead. He may not be crazy about baby pink death, but somebody on Ravelry liked it. My picture of the socks is now one of the sample pictures that's displayed on the Scar pattern page.

I don't know who my assassin is or what they've been up to, knit wise. I know the name of my new target, but nothing else about her. I guess I'll go work on Munkeh's knit tshirt. I'll have a pic of him before the socks of death show up.


Melissa said...

Heya Paula,

I have another HSKS3 question. See, the needles I want to get for you are on out of stock from the manufacturer, and can't be back ordered. I *may* be able to order some this weekend if they are back in stock. If I still can order them, which would you prefer I do:

1) Go ahead and order the needles I want to get you, and wait to send the whole package until they get in

2) Go ahead and order the needles I want to get you, and if they don't arrive by the time I'm ready to ship the package out to you, they'll be sent along in a second package when they do arrive.


3) Forgo these needles in favor of different needles that are easier to get.

I look forward to your opinion on this, since they are for you!


Paula said...

Melissa, you are so sweet to give me a choice. Please do option 3. I don't want you having to do so much more than you obviously have already. Your efforts are appreciated! Paula