Thursday, October 25, 2007

A monkey sock

A monkey sock
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All of the yarn I'm currently crazy about has been earmarked for my homemade 2008 Sock-of-the-Month club. Someone gave me this yarn in a swap. I appreciate the effort it took for her to find it, but I'm over my self-patterning yarn obsession. I needed a project to keep me out of trouble while waiting for the latest STR club yarn and/or Sock Wars socks to arrive. Since all the cool kids are making Cookie A.'s Monkey socks, I had to give it a whirl. It's a fun pattern.

The sock's sibling may have to wait, however. A little while ago, I saw a Priority Mail envelope rubber-banded to my mailbox. Would it be the War socks that would kill me? Would it be my new ammunition in the War? Nope, it was the STR club yarn.

*****STR SOCK CLUB SPOILER ALERT***** Continue reading at your own risk. Some folks are quite cranky about such things. so they've been warned. The pattern and the yarn are both called Lenore. The pattern, which I love, is by the Yarn Harlot herself. I couldn't get a good picture of the yarn because it is dark. Maybe I'll get over my fear of the spoiler police and take it outside to photograph. It's part of the much-anticipated Raven series. The color ranges from brown to burgundy to black. The colors are not my favorites, but I like them better than any of the other 2007 yarns. The pattern appears to be well suited to them, too.

The package included plastic spiders, which have been swiped by my cats. Thanks, Blue Moon.

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Gill said...

Sounds gorgeous - can't wait to see pictures!