Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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I made it out of DK weight wool I had left over from Munkeh. I think that if someone made it out of two strands of worsted and left the base off, it'd make a hilarious toilet paper cozy. this one is cuter when you can see both of the arms. They are just above the black line in the middle of the dalek.

I'm going to try it again only on a smaller scale. I've got some gray fingering weight. I'm hoping it'll be small enough for a cat toy. I'll stuff it with some fleece and catnip. I'll also leave the embroidery off and change how I interpreted a few of the stitches.

What to knit next? I stashed the bmps because I am tired of working plain black stockinette on the foot. I have a half-done sweater that I can't motivate myself to pick up yet. The newest STR yarn and pattern should be here soon. Another Sock Wars sock maybe be on its way (or not). But I want something to knit NOW (whine, whine, whine). Maybe I'll try a mystery sock I saw on Ravelry, using something out of the bottom of the knitting basket.

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