Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday yarn

Birthday yarn
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This is what I got for my birthday. It is all sock yarn from Lime & Violet. The base yarn is called Sasquatch. I didn't get the joke until I was standing here taking pictures of the yarn. It's sock yarn. Sasquatch=Big Foot. Get it? D'oh!

The top two colors are from the faerie series. The green one is called Finvarra and the violet is called Lesidhe. The peachy color is from the dancing with the yarn series and is called Electric Slide. They look so tasty that I'd like to lick them, except they smell a little bit smoky so I won't.

I've been compulsively checking the Sock Wars database. I'm still alive as far as the database goes. My assassin could have their weapon on the way and not telling me, though. The pattern we are using for the war is called Scar. I like it. It's easy enough that a brave beginner can tackle it and interesting enough that it is fun for those of us who've already made several dozen pair.

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