Saturday, October 6, 2007

Letter Carrier rode up on a Sheep

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When I pulled the mail out of my mailbox today, I imagined that the letter carrier came via sheep. All of this yarn arrived today. Woo hoo! It almost makes up for no mail delivery on Monday.

The left three skeins came from The Loopy Ewe. The pastel stuff is Cotton Candy by Claudia Handpainted Yarns. It looks like if you could eat it, it would melt in your mouth like cotton candy. The skein next to it is Stone by Fleece Artist. I'm not into brown very much, but this looked interesting.

The brightly colored skeins are Knit Picks Dancing. Leslie saw a skein of yarn I had up for trade on Ravelry and swapped it for these. I like these much better. I hope she likes the Step I sent her as well.

The brown (it's actually khaki) and gray yarns are for the monkey I'm going to knit. I'm going to finish my Harvest Swap sock first, then work on the monkey until Sock Wars starts. That's the plan until some shiny object or pretty yarn distracts me.

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